Swati met some of Aasim’s teachers today and apart from offering their daughter’s hands in marriage they insisted that Aasim be taken along to Bangalore and we need not worry about his assessment etc… and as luck would have it my agent could manage tickets for Aasim in the same flight as us. The biggest […]


Returned from Pattaya on Tuesday and will be again leaving for Bangalore on Monday. Have to schedule unimaginable number of things in the intervening days but I guess I will manage well From Monday myself and Swati will be in Bangalore to attend foss.in/2005. This time I am not giving a talk and looking forward […]

Luxuries I can afford not to have!

I don’t know if this is a good sign, a sign of inertia, a sign of snobbishness or for that matter means anything at all! The following three things, once upon a time long long ago, were considered luxuries by me as I could not afford them but now they are luxuries I can afford […]

Whew! what a week!!

As if Diwali followed by Eid was not enough it was Aasim’s 8th birthday on 5th Nov and just like previous years the entire class was invited. The decoration theme was Winnie the Pooh and before I was called in to control the crowd I did manage to get some pictures. The party was fun […]