39 Today

Reading what I wrote a year ago – I appears as if I was sounding almost pessimistic!

Well lot has happened in the past year – mostly on the work front – SANIsoft. Despite everything (read that as people being head hunted / quitting ) I have managed to train a line of second in commands, guys who can take a project to completion once the architecture is decided upon. This leaves me to overlook the macro aspect of the projects without getting tied down by minor details like parse errors.

I have also been spending a lot of time reading other peoples code and learning, in turn improving the code quality with the main aim being to perfect reproducibility of programming and easy transferring of domain knowledge….

Hmmm… the previous sentence sounds awfully like some marketing crap – in real world terms it basically means that any team can take up the work of another with minimal problems and we can train new people much faster than what it took before – end result is that we are much more productive.

We matured from a Partnership to a Pvt. Ltd. though most of it is just legal paperwork, it does poise us for a ramp-up if we need to.

On personal front there were several small but satisfying things.

For the first time in we got ourselves a *new* car – A brilliant Yellow WagonR Vxi – of course I got a bigger kick when Swati agreed for putting a DVD player in it!

For the first time I joined a gym and am sticking with it well

Photography continues – though I am now photographing different kind of birds

I got the best Birthday gift of all – a set of 31 Asterix and Obelix Comic books!

In retrospect – it still does not take much to keep me satisfied ;)

Define Enterprise

Enterprise is the starship in Star Trek.:O)