NagpurBirds, a site dedicated to showcasing the avian life of the oft overlooked city of Nagpur went live on 16th July 2005 at 7:30am. Nagpur, centrally located city of the country has three major water bodies right at the edge of the city with surrounding forest land making it a perfect habitat for a […]

Flash news!

Sometime last week I acquired SB800 Speed light but it was only yesterday that I could take it out for a real field test and I am pleased with the results – the flash can indeed reach the distances given by the Guide Numbers. This shot of Scaly-breasted Munia was one of the pictures taken […]

The new bride

Known variously as Velvet Mite, Rani Keeda, Rain Mite, Beerboti and Bir Bahuti. These insects are related to mites, yes the same mites which you can find on dogs! Scientific name – Trombidium grandissimum. They emerge from the ground just after first rains and are found almost through out the central Indian plains… As children […]