Aasim in Delhi – Pt II

The latest is that Aasim got his return ticket postpone to Friday – He is throughly enjoying himself again today after a brief boredom spell induced by tiredness yesterday. Yeah we are missing him… a lot… His comment on his first experience of seeing a movie in a theatre – “The print was good, so […]

Aasim in Delhi!!

Aasim had been wanting to travel alone in an airplane for sometime now – so we sent him to New Delhi today morning. Swati’s cousin called a while back to say that Aasim had arrived safely. Though Aasim was wee bit apprehensive at the airport he never let it show through, except asking once “What […]


Yes! thats how hot it was yesterday afternoon! it missed breaking a 51 year old record by a mere .2°C and what did we do yesterday? We went for a bird walk! but it was indeed worth it because I could get a picture of a Small Minivet Pair in the same frame, I also […]

11 Years is longer than 10

Yes, but I would still like to talk about the 8th, 9th and 10th!! Everything still holds true everything is still the same – about the only thing that we did somewhat differently was buy a gift for both of us rather than gifts for each others. Also no flowers this year, instead I have […]

Kanha 2

One line summary – We had a lot of fun and spotted a lot of animal and birds and did not spot the Tiger even once! However if you are still inclined….. do read on… This time the journey was waaay better than last time, yeah! first time is always disappointing in retrospect To begin […]

Leaving for Kanha!

We leave for Kanha in about an hours time – tentative return is for Saturday evening. The only thing which is firmly decided is that we are NOT chasing the Tiger in lieu of overlooking all the other wonderful flora and fauna all around. The omens are all pointing towards a very successful trip – […]

Just a small list

Lots of things happened in the week just past! We returned from Bangkok Swati has written about the very successful trip already so I will skip it. The most significant for me was that yesterday my Thallium Heart Scan was done and the results pronounced that my heart was healthy. Now just to get that […]