April Fool, taxes and technology

This was a rather cool 1st April joke which the Gallery guys had approached us with and we had agreed, however at the last moment they changed the press release from a very very believable one to one full of buffoonery. I guess they must have thought that it might back fire on them with G2 in the limbo since ages and all that blah…

This year too as usual 31st March left the bank balance in negative with lots of money going to the Tax man. If fringe benefit tax is levied then this figure will be much much higher the next year – TOTALLY SUX!!

Yesterday I discovered that if I route my RSS feed through http://feedburner.com I can get some really cool stats about my feed including how many people are using what to read my feed (Bloglines followed by Internet Explorer )

Since past three days I have been exploring Ruby on Rails lots of really cool stuff in there, I am seriously considering it as an alternate technology. Of course what really is needed is PHP on Rails!!