The heat is on!

Yesterday, the mercury after being hesitant for a few days finally crossed 40 and stood at a maximum of 40.2°C, though for now the nights are still pleasantly cool at below 20°C.

Summer is the most harsh season in Nagpur, in fact it is harsh for most of central India, temperatures will now progressively and rapidly rise and hover around 43 to 46°C for next 45 to 60 days. Yes feet blistering hot, though not hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement in reality, you can really boil an egg if you just put it in a closed metal container and put it out in the sun for an afternoon. Add to it a hot local wind which blows called “lou” which can give you a heat stroke within minutes if you are not careful enough to take precautions.

The atmosphere however is very dry so you do not swelter in the sticky heat like you do in places like Mumbai or Chennai and because it is dry ‘Dessert’ coolers work very well and can easily maintain a temperature of around 18 to 19°C. I particularly love the smell of fresh khus pads used in these coolers. Summer also is the season for my favourite fruits Mango and Watermelons (no puns intended). Nothing to beat the pleasure of eating raw mango slices with salt, freshly picked from the trees in the garden. As children we use to roam the streets raiding the mango trees in the neighbourhood and getting shouted at for throwing stones 😀

Another Summer favourite are the Mogra Flowers, the sweet scent of which fill the air every morning.

  • That is a cute photo.

    • They are indeed cute creatures – They are wild but, we have names for serveral of them

  • your land seems so exotic to me. i would love to visit someday. what is that animal? a chipmunk?

    • We live in paradise 😀 and you are most welcome to visit us!

      Yes, it is a relative of chipmunk – it is an Indian Palm Squirrel

  • Yet another D70 showing its wow-value in the hands of a Master.

    • More than D70 it is the moment captured 🙂 Thanks for the compliment though

  • Squirrel! Cutest little thing. Great picture. Must have used zoom else it would have scurried away.

  • Amazing Photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • Feeling warm and fuzzy after seeing the squirrel photo 🙂

    • 🙂 they are wery wery cute and cuddly creatures – but can also nip you while playing

  • Spent a nice hour or so looking at your photos :).And if see you see alot of hits on the album you know who’s been looking and at who’s pics :D.

    • Yeah! I see a lot of hits for the last pic in the LB2003 album as well…

  • Wonderful picture. Was a flash used? Given 8 feet, I guess not, but it sure looks like flash lighting.

    • Thanks – no flash was used, it is bright morning sun