Macro Mania

The long weekend got over, It went by too fast and I was working half the time and no I did not play holi and yes Aasim did play holi albeit at his grandparents place. This would be more or less the dull boring summary of past 2½ days BUT I redeemed parts of it […]

LJ Drama

I feel like I’m so infuriated! that asshole mrinal gone and said that they saw me talking to zoneee and backstabbing achitnis. If I get my hands on them there’s paybacks! Hey and know what? the other day at work I got in a huge fight with skjaidev. Oh yeah. I don’t know why dhempe […]

1000th photograph at my site

It has taken me nearly 2 years and 3 cameras but this Common Baron – Euthalia aconthea‘s picture is the 1000th photograph on my site. Meanwhile I have been toying about with and they give this funky animated images created from your RSS feed which can be used in signatures and avatars However I […]

Of Aquaria and conservation

After Aasim being gifted a few tropical freshwater fishes by a friend we decided that this would be a good opportunity to teach him how to care for an aquarium and revive a hobby which I indulged in when I was in school. So we went to buy him a larger tank – In the […]

Of hobbies and life

Hue and Colors

My hobbies till now have mostly followed a common life cycle – The seeds of its birth are sown by a combination of boredom and an itch to scratch, from there it usually rapidly grows to become almost an obsession which ultimately metamorphoses in to profession of sorts at this point the hobby, passion and […]

Sunday Blah!

Nagpur Chapter of BNHS was kicked off by people who, till now, have been members but never got together. After the first meet on 2nd March, the first event was very quickly planned – A bird watching trail walk for today morning 7am at VNIT campus. Once again the blessing of being in a small […]

Change of plans

No more new Bodyscapes on my site for next few months, simple reason being that 95% of my other pictures are being ignored – pretty much what I wanted to begin with but now is the time for change of plans! However that does not mean that I am not shooting any of those – […]