New School 2005 – PGI

Finally after some pondering over how best to concisely and accurately present my impressions on the New School 2005 seminar series I decided that it is best that I divided the post by people rather than days and then add some more comments. I realise, whatever I write will not be able to do real […]

Off to School!

Tonight, I am leaving for Mumbai, where I will be attending the New School 2005, a 4 day event on photography organised by Photographers’ Guild Of India. It is supposed to be a combination of seminars and hands-on workshop. I am very excited by the speaker line up which includes: * David Zimmerman * Gregory […]

Getting Hot

Phew! just stepped in, looks like summer is going to be HOT! it is not yet March and the temperature outside is 35°C Thankfully home and office are surrounded by tall trees from all the sides – however I am dreading summer more this time due to the power cuts we will have to endure.

Clean Bill of health

Finally took time out for the so called annual check-up, read that as was skipped the last year and before. I had my Cardiac Stress Test done by a very pretty lady doc, so pretty that my resting heart rate was 140 per min to which she very soothingly said no need to be so […]

Explaining Piracy, IP and OSS

After successfully initiating the process for starting of CBSE curriculum at Aasim’s school we now want to get them over to using OSS for students and their office. To get them going at the office level we have a simple plan – the school library does everything manually, so we donate a computer installed with […]

Models Vs Subjects and subjective beauty

Fact: Most women are beautiful. Fact: Most women do not acknowledge this to themselves. Result: A very common refrain among all my (amateur?) photographer friends that finding people/women to pose is difficult. That is unless you are a very handsome fellow wherein being a damn good photographer does not matter Why do all of us […]

Middle Class logic and CA

When it comes to money we are very very middle class about it….. and one of the advices from my CA which I definitely don’t follow is to spend money to save taxes. the logic is simple Money Spent = 100% thus savings = 0% Tax given = 30% thus savings = 70% Even a […]

Mundane Monday

Am getting bored…. well really bored is a relative term, after a Superb Sunday getting back to the daily drudgery is pulling me down. Yesterday I woke up late (by our usual standards) and as soon as Aasim left for his tabla class got into the studio and started the setup for some table top […]