“Re:Veal is a multi-layer pun in English intended to invoke the emotional controversy of the Western treatement of young cows (calves) against the abstract resemblance to a Bird of Paradise, in context of the (photo)graphic/cinematic definition of a reveal. In wider context of secular and religious pluralism with regard to sacred cows, the nude legs […]

Crappy weather

It is dark, cold and wet – in short a very crappy weather. I hate this kind of weather makes me feel depressed no thats not the word…. anyway something like that, hopefully by late afternoon it will clear up. Yesterday night we had the opportunity to listen to Pandit Swapan Chaudhari, that would have […]

The temperature in Nagpur has dropped to a minimum of 10C, this is making the afternoons very pleasant, working while sitting in sun, sipping hot coffee… aaahh!! One bit of business wisdom which struck me today was that “You should never take what your clients say too seriously – However you should be very serious […]

Money Money Money

Finally stole some time out to go and shop for some things… Among the things not originally intended are two studio flash lights which have a 10 step potentiometer to vary the light intensity, despite the original glee at being able to shoot at very high speeds it turned out that the lights which I […]

Proper Props

My studio stuck for a want of a proper backdrop system, just not getting the time. This is in a way good – it simply means that I have more work which means more money which means a better camera sooner…. Wait a min – I do not get paid for working anyways A backdrop […]