Swati: Aaaaasimmm…. No answer… Swati: Aaaaasimmmmmmm No answer! He is finally located sitting in his room busy with something arcane Swati: Why don’t you reply? Aasim: Sssh! don’t disturb me I am inside a (computer) game and someone else is controlling me Tweet

Yellow Planet Monster

As Spaceman Spiff crash lands on the dreaded Yellow planet a monster arrives … Aasim’s response on seeing the picture Yesterday was a bright winter afternoon ideal for lazing in the sun, however I did no such thing but I did discover that Nikon 5700 will give decent DoF in a brightly lit scene. Here […]

Low-key photography.

For most photographers the term “low-key” is usually defined by photos that are * Saturated colors at the bottom end of the tonal value scale, * Deep shadows, and * Few, but very high contrasts. Also “low-key” usually conveys a mood of * Serenity, * Melancholy or * Pathos. However I somehow got the idea […]

Pictures tell a story….

We were recently discussing if I should narrow down the scope of my photography and very quickly concluded that I have not yet learnt enough to do so. I will continue to do photography as and how the opportunities are served to me… Have recently added an album on Street Photography on my site. These […]

Back from LB2004

Back from the miracle called Linux-Bangalore 2004. Atul and Co (well, really it should be we) know why I am calling this event a miracle!! Since most of you have already blogged about it I won’t go into the technical/non-personal details of the that except a special mention about the things that we were made […]