Not a baby!

“I am NOT a baby – I am 7 which is closer to 8 9 and 10”

Aasim – when Swati denied him a Wrist-watch

CompactDrive PD7X

Does anyone know where to buy one of these in India –

Surely beats lugging a notebook around to do Image transfers

We will be at LB2004 – will you be?

Things are really at a maddening pace now – Barely 10 days left!!!

To get an idea how many have agreed to be there – click here

This Is Where I Belong

It is barely 7am as I open the door – a light winter rain has just stopped and the farsh is drying off. Everything is deceptively silent. Silent till you realise the what is really missing is just the sound of the traffic and household which drowns the more subtle of the sounds. As soon as I open the door a squirrel greets me with an anticipatory “chuukk”, I walk out and pour water into the bird bath and put some of the favourite stuff for the wildlife around and settle down on the steps to wait for our non homo sapien neighbours to descend.

The Coppersmith is already at his nest building on a nearby tree, with a steady “thuk thuk thuk – thuk thuk thuk” rhythm chipping away small slivers of wood – I once again wonder don’t they get a headache…

First to arrive is my favourite male Magpie Robin and I am greeted with a long “tweeet”, he cocks his head to the side and looks critically at what has been served. He wants to be fussy today – so I toss a cheeseling near my foot, he promptly flies over and grabs it. By now the Muttering Mynas (actually a pair of Bhramini Myna) have arrived and started their customary chattering / muttering punctuated with “trii” and “traa” they will come down only after they finish their commentary. Their muttering is like a call for everyone – soon there is a crowd of 4 Squirrels, a pair of Red Vented Bulbuls, a Little brown dove with her two newly out of the nest babies, the Indian Robin siblings, varying number of common sparrows.

As the competition grows the bolder among them come right up to my feet to beg and are adequately rewarded. In between Swati has quietly joined me. She has with her cups of warm coffee, she is soothingly talking to the birds she knows (yes, unlike me she knows them personally)

The day has begun…

“Under the starry skies – where eagles have flown
This place is paradise – it’s the place I call home”
From: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Here is the mandatory mediocre Diwali picture, Was a single shot 2 second hand held exposure with flash to avoid too much motion blur.

Hope all of you enjoyed (are enjoying) your Diwali

Kid speak – Speechless

Aasim: (bored look) My life is so empty…
We: (eyes wide jaws dropping) Huh, why betaa?
Aasim: I want a brother!
Swati: But you don’t want to share anything with any younger child and if you have a younger sibling you cannot sleep with Mamma when you want…
Aasim: (walking out) Ouf ho, you don’t understand, I want an elder brother!!!

Aasim’s 7th Birthday

Yesterday Aasim celebrated his 7th birthday in his usual “call everyone in the class” party, co-incidentally yesterday was also the last paper of the children’s first serious exam and beginning of the Divali vacation. This combined effect was no less than expected. The party soon lost all semblance to an organised gathering with the mob of children throughly enjoying themselves, thankfully the fun kept itself whiskers away from a food/cake fight.

A few pictures here

Special thanks to Mona and Khader for sending thoughtful gift which arrived right on time 🙂

In the morning as Aasim slept we were talking about how fast the time has passed… how tall he has become, not very long ago we used to say – it will be very convenient once he learns how to sit 🙂

Well convenience and parenthood are really antonyms. While that is true we very much love the synonyms – fun, pride, revelation, happiness.

Aasim is all that we could have ever wished for and more (one of the meaning of his name reflects this) about the only concern we have is that he does not stick to any of activities he takes up for long, Computers, Chess, Skating, Gaming, currently Tabla the list is long. In fact other than Lego there is nothing which has really held his attention for more than a month or two. Guess he is in a skill acquisition mode and in this case we like to believe that we are just his keepers. He will decide for himself when time comes.

Just got this in a mail

“Being known to a reliable source,I came to know that there do exist vacancies for the post of software engg trainees in your self esteemed firm.So being intrested in your firm as a first step, I would like to submit my resume to you, Sir.I can assure you that i ‘ll discharge myself with my duties, for the complete satisfaction of my seniors.
I am sure that if i ll be given a opportunity to work with your firm, i’ll definietly be able to get the ignite which is desired for a never ending journey towards success and sagacity.“

Have not had such a good laugh in ages