Equipment accquisitions

Things seem to be at a juncture where mathematics cannot explain the economics of things. I have refused cumulative freelance work worth nearly $3000 (modding Coppermine)


So that I can pay proper attention to my regular day job. Now a logical conclusion would be that my regular day job would be paying me more than what I have refused….

Oh no! not at all so – in-fact I do not take home (read in *my* back account) any salary from my regular job, this is where the whole thing gets P2C2E

Any way I have been considering two options
#1 buy a secondhand D70 immediately if it is around $700/-
#2 wait till the prices of 10+ MP DSLRs come to around $2000 levels (I anticipate a wait of 5 to 6 months)

Do I need a new camera? no I don’t need it I however *want* it!

I have considered putting hi-res files of my pictures for sale on my site and considering the traffic I might as well get a decent amount of money – but this is one hobby which I am not going to use to make money.

Blog of my fav nude photographer

My all time favourite photographer of nudes Eric Boutilier-Brown has started a photoblog at an RSS feed is available at