Monthly Archives: September 2004

38 Today!

Does not feel any older except when people 10 years younger want to take my jokes seriously…

So what does a man who perceives as having achieved all that he dreamt for do besides having a smug attitude?

I had two options – rethink my dreams and conclude I was in fact an early quitter who aimed too low – and – begin that cycle of dissatisfied stress which really drives most people around me


Start seriously to think about ways to ward off boredom.

I know that stress can kill me so naturally am opting for the second option. I am seriously thinking of farming as a future option. I have photography as a hobby which by grace of god I have enough money to pursue with exactly the equipments I want, and also have people around to help me with it, lately I have taken up Origami as a cheaper alternative which is very rewarding in itself.

Thanks to for sending a thoughtful gift