eXpressive: 7/10 Practical: 6/10 Physical: 6/10 Giver: 6/10 You are a XPYG–Expressive Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a Roving Spouse. You are magnetic, charming, and impossible to resist. You have no problem with approaching the opposite sex — it just comes naturally to you, and the thrill of warming up a stranger is one […]

Inspiration reality!

There was a programmer with PMS Who to ease her stress was said “Code CSS!” The harder she would try The more she would cry… And her pages always ended up in a mess!! This limerick is inspired from real life that has been happening around me since past 2 weeks. Needless to add that […]

Second by .02 points!

Damn – I missed the first spot in Skin2(NWS) contest at Worth 1000 by a .02 point margin, but I did manage the second as well as the third spot and what the heck I don’t get the cups anyways as I had not paid for the entry nor did anyone sponsor me. Oh! the […]

It is amazing what you can learn if you know how to read Apache logs. Like I know precisely who has has been googleing with phrases like sanisoft+bad+php and landed at my site, came here to Live Journal and what all was read, hilarious? amateurish? unprofessional?