(18:43:38) Tarique: Got the daily reports from me? (18:43:42) Swati: Looking (18:43:46) Tarique: 24 hours (18:43:57) Tarique: and mail for Gilad (18:44:01) Swati: Yes got all of them (18:44:05) Tarique: kewl (18:44:13) Tarique: I am going home now (18:44:24) Swati: I have to still be in the office (18:44:38) Tarique: OK will come to your […]

Pearls and Casting

It is really a pain when people assume technical superiority just because they are from a “Developed Country” and a double pain when they think that Alpha version of softwares means the best version there is! So is this the time for surfacing for air kind of post? I don’t think I have been underground […]