New beginings

Aasim’s school reopened today. He is now in 1st Standard, has to carry books back and forth to school, has school for nearly the full day (Read return at 3:30pm). We were apprehensive that he might not cope very well with having to eat cold lunch, pampered that he has been till now… However all […]

Photography and Ethics

Vivek our photographer friend, a very recent convert to digital photography, had come over one evening – during the course of conversation he remarked that while digital was one of the best thing that happened to his photography it is the worst thing that has happened to a photographer. What he really meant was that […]

More birds and some code

If the week could be described in one word I would say “Hot”, in fac this was the hottest week of the summer, temperature was mostly above 45C, Even the garden lizard felt need of a drink. Thankfully yesterday it rained and today temperature has been in the low 40s… Now that the Mango season […]