After bee the bird…

I have been waiting in anticipation for this picture for nearly three months now, a Coppersmith (aka crimson breasted barbet) has made its nest right next to our main gate. However it is a very shy bird and would never come near the nest when any of us was around…. But my  patience paid off […]

It’s a jungle out there….

Tigers were recently sited sighted about 40kms for where we live… For those of you who did not know Nagpur is surrounded on all four side, within drivable distance, by National parks and sanctuaries, the best known among them is the Kanha National Park which is in fact the jungle in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book!! […]

Bird and bug watching

On last Saturday Aasim got promoted to 1st standard, this means after summer holidays he will be in school from 9am to 3:30pm will have to carry a bag and will have exams… He is a BIG boy now!!! Finally I found a good bookmark server Sitebar. Works great with Mozilla and is written in […]