Work as usual

I guess I finally may have a use for GMAIL – collect all the porn from Yahoo Groups there, I was almost heartbroken when Yahoo stopped storing attachments in the group archive 😉 Jokes apart it will interesting to watch how GMAIL evolves…

I finally got to handle the Nikon D70 and the verdict for now is that I am sticking with my Nikon 5700. The kind of pictures I want are only possible with a lens which costs more than the D70 itself and the default lens which comes with it is too puny, plus there are also several small usability issues like fixed LCD screen etc.

I guess the studio kit and my Coolpix will be a great combination. Several (well three to be precise) have asked if I was considering going commercial / shifting profession. I would like to put on record – NO – this time I am determined not to let a hobby become a profession.This has happened at least three times in the past and every time I discovered that, soon the pressures of commercial work rob away the pleasures no matter how much you love doing what you are doing…

In tech lessons of the week I learnt what the file /etc/security/limits.conf does after a brain dead sys-ad set the user CPU time to 2 seconds on a remote server

Started learning XUL (and RDF, XBL etc etc ) in earnest, the very first day screwed up my local install of Mozilla, solving the mystery as to why the book recommended using separate install for development, however I would like to get to the bottom of the fact that how can a chrome mess a user install… I ultimately want to create an XUL based client for Coppermine which will also allow you to maintain a local mirror of your album on your HDD.

The new programmer has taken to the new techs very well, I hope to put her on to commercial work the comming week, In other work related stuff our aging and overloaded UPS is again showing signs of illness – this time it looks like it will be terminal.
Thankfully Friday and Saturday saw some rain which cooled down the temperatures considerably. Today we tried out a new recipe for Prawn in Coconut milk curry – turned out to be very good.

  • you got GMAIL? Lucky you!

  • That’s a cute subject. Is it a squirrel?

    • Yes it is an Indian Palm Squirrel – They are very common all over the country