A mini vacation and a bit more

Returned on Friday from Vizag. For the first time it has happened that nothing major got screwed up in the office or home while we were not here. So how was the trip?

The days essentially consisted of catching up, sleeping in the AC and cursing the heat… the evenings however were great

We landed at Vizag on Sunday afternoon, was taken by my brother to see all the ships of Eastern Fleet of the Indian Navy – Aasim had a grand time it was his first time on a ship and that too a fully armed naval ship!! The next evening was spend lazing in the huge swimming pool, the evening after that we all went to the Erada beach via the newly constructed Naval Officers colony which is situated on top of a hill, superb roads and gives a great view, the beach itself (at least stretch where we were) was very clean and almost empty. 14th evening was spend in the town culminating in a nice dinner at some place I don’t remember the name of… Unfortunately my brother had to sail on 15th….

Saturday evening Aasim opted to go to Swati’s parents to spend the night leaving us to… So we went out for a dinner at one of our favorite places. Sunday itself was spent doing nothing in particular but still a lot of things happened, we managed to do something which we had tried a lot of times but never got it right.

Oh yes I did take some displayable photographs during the week – they can be found here

Tomorrow I am appointing a new programmer – hope she turns around fast enough for commercial work…

  • nice shots man!

    what’s with the baby hawk?

    • Thank you.

      We found the baby Crested Hawk Eagle one morning in our garden it was weak, injured and infested with maggots. We managed to nurse it back and handed it over to the wildlife wardens to be released.

  • Vizag is great place.. 🙂 Specially the RK (Rama Krishna) beach is great for long evening walks…

    I was also shown around (albeit a commercial) ship called Akbar in Vizag by my “then”-brother-in-law.. was good fun.. 🙂

  • True accomplishment!!!

    The snaps are truly fantastic and i spent nearly 90 mins to see the album. And I felt accomplished .. for having seen some wonderful pictures. Keep the great work going..
    Best wishes!