hARP Storm

The highlight of the week was – Vivek – *the* fashion photographer of the city (also happens to be Swati’s friend) calling up to say that he had been to http://tariquesani.net and was very very impressed. He wanted to help me and wanted to me to help him as well!!

Me an Swati promptly landed up at his studio with my camera and he helped me try out real pro lights. The best news is that with a hot shoe my Nikon can handle everything 🙂

On Wednesday Aasim’s WinXP install fried itself…. and I was reminded once again why I hate installing Windows. This time I have put the My Documents folder on a Network Drive.

I had very naively presumed that switched networks are safe from sniffing but after discovering Ettercap and Ethereal I have gone right back in to the voyeuristic pleasure of network sniffing 😉

First there was connection to SQL database using Mozilla then QT and KDE based applications using JavaScript, things are really going to be exciting. Those of you who haven’t already seen the, now bit dated, Mozilla Amazon Browser take a look here

Today evening we are leaving for Vizag to meet my brother for a few days – its been a long time since we met. We will be back on 16th morning, I hope being away from work will help in forgetting about it. Yes we did survive the week and it was not so bad either.

  • The Amazon browser is fantastic! Just goes to prove how cool Mozilla is. Incidentally, I was just going through the XUL tutorial and playing with Patch Maker when I read your post.

  • Anonymous

    Something wrong with feed?


    I am subscribed to your feed at http://tariquesani.livejournal.com/data/rss
    But in my Bloglines account, I see following as latest entry:
    “Maya Jaal
    By Dr. Tarique Sani
    Maya Jaal Na toda Jaaye,
    Loobhi mann mujh ko tarsaye
    Mil Jaaye to rooG hai duniya,
    Mil na sa ke to jee lalcha ye!

    Mere Aainsoo, Un ka daman,
    RaeT pe jharna sookha jaye.
    Taash ke mahalon me hardum,
    Kaanch ki choodi khanki jaye!

    Pyaar, mohabbat, rishte naate
    Sani kuch bhi kaam na aaye.
    -Zarina Sani

    This poem was in response to a quip by the poetess’s 14 year old son – “Why does profound poetry have to be complicated?”

    — I don’t see this particular entry in the feed. Is everything okie with your feed??


    • Re: Something wrong with feed?

      Well the feed is provided by Livejournal – could be a problem with their end…

      But OTOH I can see the rss feed XML just fine in the browser – So could be a problem with Bloglines