Titali dabooch li maine :D

The week has been a very hectic one, spent a lot of time preparing for the final release of Coppermine V1.3, with more than 225000 recorded downloads and several ISPs giving it as default install the dev team is happy, but I feel that major task lies ahead for us, while the software has been […]

After several years of using ipchains / iptables scripts borrowed from friends and several sites, then tweaking them by hand I finally chickened out into using Guard Dog for all the machines which are directly connected to the net. It is easy to use but somehow leaves me feeling a bit uneasy no particular reason… […]

Working these days in a very tense milieu but thats just tense not stressed out. As I explained it to someone tense == manageable == good stress == out of control == bad The experiment that I started here did progress very well but I have to abandon it as I soon realized that I […]

New Cable Internet Connection

Today we got a new cable internet connection this time from a different person who has proper papers and is running this business since past 2 years. Judging from the traffic on my eth1 this network is much better managed and sanely configured. Though a slightly irksome part is, for some reasons they have blocked […]