Fracture and Phallic

suffered unicortical fracture of right thumb metacarpal head. Translated in layman terms, there is a minor avulsion of covering of the bone of the right thumb. Hand not in plaster but is supposed to be immobile for 2 weeks

In a totally unrelated question I have been trying to find the correct antonym for the word “Phallic”

Tooth Fairy and stuff

Aasim lost his lower two incisors. Had to be extracted as the permanent ones were already peeking from behind, to his credit he did not cry at all, and though he does not believe in tooth fairy stuff he gets to buy a lego for himself…


An Ukranian Programmer asking references of (from) an American client who in turn asks their Indian programmers to provide one.

I find this ironic to the point of being comic 🙂

Unreal Tournament 2004 demo is real kewl – unfortunately we have only one machine which is really capable of running it decently… That’s Aasim’s machine needless to say I hardly got any machine time to play it.

Lots of other things are happening about which I just can’t seem to find time enough to write about.

Among notable things – I have decided that I want a DSLR in addition to my Nikon 5700 and I also need some professional grade studio flash lights, budget Rs120000, to fund this I am starting an interesting experiment, sell customised copies of Coppermine. Lets see how it goes

Shifted to using Digikam instead of

mount /mnt/camera/
cp -r /mnt/camera/dcim/* ./

Yes now the camera is in PTP mode, instead of USB mass storage

Pleasure – Priceless

EN EL1 Battery – Rs1650/-
128MB CF Card – Rs2000/-

Pleasure of uninterrupted photography – Priceless