Matrix Recalled

Yesterday we were invited to a cocktail party which was supposed to have *the* who’s who of city’s business community. (Un)fortunately despite the best intentions of our gracious host at introductions most of the time we were kind of “Who?”  but the food was very very nice and the service excellent. So sitting in relative […]

Highway to Footpath….

We have been unceremoniously kicked from the Information Super highway to the Information Footpath. As news tells it our ISP was illegally giving cable internet connections using a leased line from BSNL, their offices were raided by CBI yesterday and all the equipment seized. So we are back to using dial-up and very high telephone […]

Maya Jaal

Maya Jaal Na toda Jaaye, Loobhi mann mujh ko tarsaye Mil Jaaye to rooG hai duniya, Mil na sa ke to jee lalcha ye! Mere Aainsoo, Un ka daman, RaeT pe jharna sookha jaye. Taash ke mahalon me hardum, Kaanch ki choodi khanki jaye! Pyaar, mohabbat, rishte naate Sani kuch bhi kaam na aaye.                                    […]

Sunday Salad

Woke up checked mail saw that the sky had not fallen overnight… Aasim woke up a little later and he wanted a game of frisbee. Its amazing how much fun you can have with a wobbly Rs35/- only toy given the right time and people. Soon tired I settled Aasim to watch Disney special edition […]

Was getting bored so I hacked an RSS Feed generator for Coppermine. Turned out it needed just 20 lines of code… Made it a bit more user friendly, added frills and comments worth 50 more lines of code

Ghar ki murgi

While the desi IT press chooses to pointedly ignore and scorn the Coppermine Picture Gallery I was interviewed today about the same by Internet Magazine, UK. It is a print magazine, beyond that I don’t know anything about it – does anyone know? I have also been pondering about an elitist Open Source event scheduled […]