100% Natural

No Make-up No Filters No Artificial lights No Posing No Post processing (nitpick – resized!) Just a 100% natural candid portrait. LB/2003 is now just round the corner, stress levels are high, patience running low and things are working perfectly fine as planned Check out the first schedule of talks. We leave for Bangalore on […]

Surya Kiran – There is still hope…

Finally a somewhat displayable picture which would not have been possible at all using my older camera!! Surya Kiran the aerobatic team of Indian Air force performed over the city airport as a part of finale for the National Air Race. These shots, an example of extreme zoom, were taken from our roof top. Airport […]

My Experiments with…

Finally grabbed enough time to read through the complete manual of my new camera. Till now I have managed to take usual pictures (read mostly auto settings) with success BUT have not been very successful with macros (results have very poor DoF) low light (results with poor focus and lots of noise). Tried a bit […]

Speaking in IDRBT Hyderabad tommorow

Am scheduled for two back to back talks at IDRBT tomorrow in this program of theirs. I am talking on “PHP best practices” and “PHP libraries for Rapid Development” Thanks to all of you who have congratulated me on my acquisition of Nikon5700, Much to my frustration I have not had any time to experiment […]