100% Natural

No Make-up No Filters No Artificial lights No Posing No Post processing (nitpick – resized!) Just a 100% natural candid portrait. LB/2003 is now just round the corner, stress levels are high, patience running low and things are working perfectly fine as planned Check out the first schedule of talks. We leave for Bangalore on […]

My Experiments with…

Finally grabbed enough time to read through the complete manual of my new camera. Till now I have managed to take usual pictures (read mostly auto settings) with success BUT have not been very successful with macros (results have very poor DoF) low light (results with poor focus and lots of noise). Tried a bit […]

Aasim’s First Roza.

Yesterday Aasim successfully observed his first Roza. This was not done by us OR Aasim out of any religious conviction but as a part of the growing up experience for Aasim. Aasim completed it for the sheer fact that he had given his word to his parents. For a 6 year old who has never […]

IDRBT – Great Show

Returned today morning from Hyderabad. It is seldom that in India one is impressed by a Govt sponsored setup and more importantly the organization of a Govt sponsored program. At least for me IDRBT was a pleasant change. I arrived in Hyderabad 6am by bus – there was a car waiting for me and I […]

Before the Monday Mania hits….

Should document the Sunday before it gets lost in the melee of Monday…. Woke up late… browsed the morning news, played some matches which Aasim. At around 12 we decided it was time to move out, Aasim had been promised that we will go to “Fun and Food” water and amusement park about 35 kms […]

Big Guns at LB/2003

writes here that Jeremy MySQL Zawodny and Ramus PHP Lerdorf are going to be speakers at LB/2003 WOW!! This year promises to be one hell of a show… It feels great to have been part of the team which has made the event possible not just once, twice BUT three times in a row. More […]