Unchained Melody!

Amidst the increasing madness and chaos we decided to grab on to that last grain of Fantasia and elope for the afternoon…. We forsake the car in lieu of my Scooter!! The early winter breeze and the still warm afternoon sun was soothing… We quickly finalised a larger bicycle for Aasim’s sixth birthday and then […]

Aasim was literally rolling with laughter when Swati read out the above strip to him, so Swati asked him does he want a baby brother to beat up. He thought for a while and then said “Can’t we just have a baby monkey instead?” Presumably this was triggered by the fact that a bunch of […]

Phew!! What a week…. Monday our big old granddaddy UPS decided that it was an ideal day to die, no points for guessing who did the honors… That set the pattern for the crisis. With MSEB supplying electricity which makes the voltmeter go like a yo-yo I could not dare to plug the machines directly, […]