Absurd dreams of a nut!

Things have been pretty weird lately, am caught in whirlwind of emotions which are diametrically opposite. A whole lot of good and whole lot of bad. The picture on the left though not initially taken to be symbolic BUT it now is – Dreaming of further regression OR dreaming of something in future… Work has […]

Wisdom impinges upon your consciousness in so many unusual ways… Today I morning I saw a Plaintive Cuckoo Chick being fed by a Tailor Bird – It reminded me about WTO Then this one has had me thinking “God lives in heaven because he lives in fear of his own creations!!” caught it when Aasim […]

The week and the previous one has been very hectic – the best part is after a long time I am really into programming a non-commercial project, work on business front has been very busy juggling various projects. Had a very pleasant surprise from two of our clients today. In the afternoon we went to […]

I am sick of Arrogant Illiterate Americans who consider themselves knowlegeable, suave and smarter than every eastern hemisphere denizen. This opinion is based purely on recent personal experiences and not a generalisation In other things. We were again visited by our snake friend, only this time he chose to enter the kitchen of the flat […]