Sunday snatched away….

The day has ended but I am still restless….

It was a nice day… Woke up late to 2 SMSes, one from a client and one from a friend both needed help with their servers, could solve the clients problem as it was my own setup…

Then finished the novel “Nemesis” – nothing earth shaking there, settled down to a session of security fixing in Coppermine… After which a lunch of biryani, followed by a movie… Do watch “Treasure Planet” if you have not done so yet – a good take on the original classic.

Towards evening boredom lend itself to trying some Hi key Low Key photography am almost satisfied with the results…

Then we went out to get a pair of trousers for Aasim – he is out growing them at a phenomenal rate – had coffee at Barista, back home, dinner of Swati’s hand made Dosas

More mail, more net and here I am – not tired – nothing more to do….

Guess there are times when one is just not satisfied

Absurd dreams of a nut!

Things have been pretty weird lately, am caught in whirlwind of emotions which are diametrically opposite. A whole lot of good and whole lot of bad. The picture on the left though not initially taken to be symbolic BUT it now is – Dreaming of further regression OR dreaming of something in future…

Work has been very very demanding not to mention that it has been enjoyable as well. Work on Coppermine is progressing at a clipping pace, as I type this I am chatting with one client who keeps awake through out the night on other side of the world so that he can liaison with us and at the same time telling both my team leaders what my vision of the new projects about to begin will be…

Got the check for an article I wrote long back, thus another 10K got added to my Camera fund today – looks like next month I will have it.

As the first crop of senior SANIsoft programmers is now moving on I am realizing that I have not inculcated enough “People Skills” in them.

They came to me when they were 18, it was their first job, were with SANIsoft for almost 5 years during which all they had to do was learn PHP , more PHP, anything else was secondary, even goofing up on commercial projects was OK as long as they learned from their mistakes. They never learned any skills about talking to people, manipulating them, OR any alternate skills other than what was needed to get their creations working on the target servers – they knew their PHP, at times better than me, and were the demigods of SANIsoft… …

Alas real world is so much more different. Two of them are throughly disgusted with the job market and/or managers, one left programming and joined his father in printing business.

Somewhere I am feeling very guilty….

37 Today

37 – As a number it doesn’t inspire much reaction as would 36 or 40, so… I turned 37 today…
Last year I had summarised my life with a sense of hope, a hope of settling down. That way for me the past year has been very relevant, I moved away decisively from the duppie fold to don a more Saturnian mantle… so much so that my only major regret in life is – I still suffer from Acne!!

Hmm… I am surely getting old!

The day itself was hectic – a bit more than usual, woke up to be greeted by 12 red Roses from Swati and some lovely orange Gerberas from her sis.

@vaibhav – We went to a place called “Sarhadi” for dinner which serves fabulous NW frontier cuisine and gorged ourselves to our gills.

Thanks to everyone who greeted me throughout the day….

Special thanks to ravi who was the first among the online buddies to greet me and sidcarter who made a special entry just to mention my birthday 🙂

Wisdom impinges upon your consciousness in so many unusual ways…

Today I morning I saw a Plaintive Cuckoo Chick being fed by a Tailor Bird – It reminded me about WTO

Then this one has had me thinking “God lives in heaven because he lives in fear of his own creations!!” caught it when Aasim was watching “Spy Kids II”

The week and the previous one has been very hectic – the best part is after a long time I am really into programming a non-commercial project, work on business front has been very busy juggling various projects. Had a very pleasant surprise from two of our clients today.

In the afternoon we went to a book shop to browse – finally got my hands on a dead tree version of Asimov’s Nemesis. After that we decided to have a leisurely coffee at Cafe Coffee day. Hmm…. we should do this more often, it is fun to watch the teen/tweenage crowd.

Things on photography front have taken a back seat but I do intend to come up with at least a couple of good shots over the weekend

Three Gems from Aasim

Momma is fat! – it is a fact

Papa is fat! – It is an opinion

In reference to a thin talkative boy in his class – “he is a chatterpillar”

I am sick of Arrogant Illiterate Americans who consider themselves knowlegeable, suave and smarter than every eastern hemisphere denizen. This opinion is based purely on recent personal experiences and not a generalisation

In other things.

We were again visited by our snake friend, only this time he chose to enter the kitchen of the flat upstair – had to rescue him and leave in a safe place. I am always scared that he may not be lucky enough to have a sensible human around and be killed. This snake has been visiting us for almost 2 years now once every couple of months…. …

I have been invited to be on the dev board of next version of Coppermine, Coppermine is the gallery script which powers my website, and is reasonably popular.

I scored an average of 6.000 at with “How can I screw nuts!!