Theatre and Plays

Yesterday for the first time after Aasim, Swati and I went out to watch a play “Surya Ki Antim Kiran Se Surya Ki Pehli Kiran Tak” starring Neena Gupta and Rajendra Gupta.
Really well enacted and well played out but I have to agree with Swati that despite the play being about the Queen’s sexual liberation it is still too male centric.

A bit more amusing and disgusting were the comments from the so called intellectual audience… The one which took the cake was “Women in India were the most liberated lot till the Muslims invaded the country” I don’t know whether to laugh about it or be sad. Anyway we really enjoyed ourselves – we picked up Aasim (soundly asleep) from Swati’s mom at midnight… …

Doesn’t add up

Most of the last week we were stuck without cable access to the net. Thank God for good dial-up connection from BSNL. Work was mostly a relaxed affair so I concentrated on photography and came up with some good shots for the theme “Yellow” have gradually started exploring color on black background. Also experimented a bit with white and found that the shadows on white pose a more difficult problem. Guess will start again with black and white with white backgrounds. The progression of my learning doesn’t really add up but I am pleased. One picture that I am particularly tickled with is How can I screw nuts!!!.

For Photo Challenges I am sticking to and

Last week sometime Swati picked up the album “Nine” sung by Shankar Mahadevan with poetry by Javed Akhtar. All I can say is that I would have preferred if Javed Akhtar himself recited the poems without any music. The music really killed the poetry in this one unlike their previous album “Breathless” Javed Akhtar is one of the few poets who can still move me to tears…

Being unsatisfied with being unsatisfied doesn’t make you satisfied

Husband and Wife

I havn’t really posted anything other than trivia lately, Its not because that I didn’t have time but because there are times when you don’t really want to put things in words – you just want to get over with it however and whatever. Last month has been like that, we got stuck with a very stupid intermediary for a project. This guy wasn’t ready to understand the business process on the project given to us and was not ready to let us talk to client directly. This resulted in a very stressed out month for us and the particularly Swati who had to sit for hours and try to explain on IM what the program we made did. Yes there were the specs and scope of work documents but this butthead was not ready to read them either!!

Finally we did manage to shove the whole thing out and get most of the money in.

On 14th Girish, Sr Programmer at SANIsoft resigned. He was with us for nearly 5 years and was the first employee of SANIsoft. I wish him luck for his future, he is one of the best there is in PHP.

Today morning me and Swati were discussing what made SANIsoft last so long?

The conclusion was – having a realistic dream.

Hmmm… If I were asked to add a few more things to it I would add
Being brash
Learning fast
Faith and Trust
And lastly not giving in to the myth “Spend money to earn money”

There are a whole lot of great pictures which I cannot post here for sake of modesty but will definitely hang in our bedroom 😉

The one shown here was taken yesterday, titled the same as the subject of this post, is my entry to the “Symmetry” challenge. I have decided to stick with black and white till I have not mastered the control of light – this could be life long… …

A thought

Does knowing that you married a fool make you wiser?
Looking at the cryptic half hints I am compelled to say that most missed my mood on this entry!!
This is NOT about me and her 😀

A Joke

Swati while reading the local newspaper “The Hitavada” – “Hey look!! they used the word ‘ubiquitous’ “

A conversation, A transaction and lots of books

A conversation which we had over coffee in the morning
Me: “Will we still fight with each other 10 years hence?”
Swati:”Yes, we will as long as we care for each other”
Me: “And as long as we keep growing”
Swati: “As long as we hold the same ethics”
Me: “As long as we are individuals”
Both: “Good!”

Afternoon, we went to a new super market which has opened in Nagpur “Food Bazaar” supposed to be a part to of a national chain and blah! After standing for almost 45min in the queue to checkout the A** Ho at the counter charged Swati’s card for Rs10011/- instead of Rs1011/- Still no problems we said revert it. It then emerged that the person did not know how to, the person who knew how to did not know the password. Finally 15 mins later we did manage to get the thing sorted out – Needless to say we are not going there again

Since Mondays are islands of sanity usually we decided to to head for the Book Expo and ended up buying a lot of books for Aasim, including a book on keeping terrariums. Will take out and clean the three aquariums which I kept for almost 12 years and convert them into terrariums, a swamp, a desert and a rain forest is what is planned.

Be the miracle!!

Yeah! a corny line from Bruce Almighty but something I find to be amazingly true.

Right now it is miraculous what a good 12 hour sleep can achieve.
Right now it is miraculous how satisfying an hour long photo shoot can be.
Right now it is miraculous that I had to get out “Websters Dictionary” to settle an argument with my son
– double miracle that he was indeed convinced.
Right now it is miraculous that Aasim can clean up his room as well as his parents.
Right now it is miraculous the balance petty and insecure people bring to this world.

Thank God for all these.

Have posted a rather cheeky entry to the “Right Angle” challenge at

Zero Counts

Sleep deficit 17 hours
DPChallenge score 5.770 from 280 VOTES
Cost of a new Camera Nikon 5700 50,000 Rupees
Money in my pocket 100 Rupees
Frustration from other things than above 100 %
Hope 1 %

Yes! I have everything in my life all figured out – May be by Sunday I will be in a mood for a more literal post