Friday free!!

The week from Monday morning till now has been a tight knot of frustration, firefighting and firing people. Thankfully there seems to be a glimmer of hope that the weekend will be comparatively peaceful. At times I really do wonder if it is good to be sooooo passionate about your work but I cannot treat […]

Men In Black

I have submitted this picture to for the theme “Trends” the title is “Men In Black : The Next Generation” a bit different interpretation of the challenge but I was tickled by the idea. Actually I wanted to do “Men In Black : Attack of the clones” with Aasim sitting between two parallel mirrors […]

Saturday Night Quiz!

Yesterday night at dinner time I don’t know how but conversation veered towards which cartoon character has dog named … here is what Aasim could remember Dennis the menace – Ruff Obelix – Dogmatix Tintin – Snowy Phantom – It’s a wolf, Devil Jughead – Hot Dog (In 1960’s he was owned by Archie) Flintstones […]

Look mama no hands!!

Day before yesterday Aasim got the trainer wheels on his bicycle removed. Basically he figured out that as long as they are there he will not truly bi-cycle Now he is cycling without any help and can also make his tiny bicycle go round in very tight circles. Wanted to photograph but after the first […]


Persons of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others; they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else. They are the true egoist!

Blues :)

Blue is such a beautiful color wonder why it is associated with melancholy. Our obsession with photography continues. This picture was taken by Swati for theme Blue, however we have concluded that we will no longer post on , instead try to take at least 5 technically presentable pictures of each theme. I don’t want […]

Anatomy of a perfect day!

Yesterday… no not the song!! 6:45am woke up! Feeling waaaay better after ages there was no body ache, fever, itchy throat… Booted the network, every machine came up flawlessly, got in the first batch of mail, no nasty surprises – the mold was set. By 9:00 Swati had dropped Aasim to school and was back. […]


Fun is more fun when the people with whom you are having fun know what the fun is all about! You never know how tall you stand unless you stand up for yourself! These two gems were thrown casually at me by my wife this morning over a very trivial matter – been thinking about […]