Hottest day in 72 years

Yesterday Nagpur experienced the hottest day in past 72 years. It was a sizzling 47.3C and is expected to continue for some more days. Thanks to NMC and MSEB there is uninterrupted water and electricity supply, but I never know when I will have to bite my tongue for saying it too soon. Since Nagpur has a very dry weather desert coolers are very effective.

Today I intend to keep an egg in a black box with water out and see if it cooks 🙂

On the somewhat colorfully brighter note – the heat has driven flocks of Blossom Headed Parakeets to our garden in search of food and water.

Otherwise life just is.

The Sunday Report

One words sums it all “HOT”. I mean really HOT. Nagpur is baking at 47 degrees for nearly past 7 days. So we essentially stayed indoors. It was only toward late evening that we stepped out to check the new Planet M outlet which has opened recently here. Picked up 9 CDs some of them real good. Shubha Mudgal, Begum Akhtar, but the gem is Abida Parveen singing Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Swati, probably, will write about it.

Later we have a nice dinner at one of our favorite eating joints. The cable connection continues to be plagued by UDP flooding. The last recommendation from my cable walla was why don’t I use M$ Windows like everyone else. I really am still under shock.

Most people are missing it, the thumbnail above is a link to 15 pictures I took of a Bulbul’s nest – So click on the thumbnail