Finally Rains.

Yesterday it finally rained. Temperature dropped down by atleast 10C. We could go for our walk it felt so very nice. Later I fell asleep in the veranda with Aasim telling me a story.

I know soon the rains will be the cause of misery all around, least of which is clothes not drying and floor being perpetually dirty BUT right now it is the best thing that could have happened.

Today we are planning to go to the water/amusement park – lets see what Aasim has to say once he gets up.

This week swatisani also has put up an entry for the . I found the topic a bit morbid. Instead of Decay it should have been Rebirth!! I really resisted posting a decaying dead body with popping eyes and tongue sticking out as my entry, instead have put up something very plain and stark. See a larger version.

  • That’s a lovely picture. The black and white really complements the stark tone of the picture.

  • very good composition… and ur picture talks a lot…

    decay shuldnt neccesary be the dead body with popping eyes…

    considering a lighter side, laloo’s pic might make a good subject for decay (decay of polity)