One LJ code deserves another

Some weeks ago I had posted an LJ code on someone’s journal. It was picked up there by sohnipreet I had forgotten all about it till today morning when I got a mail from her returning a replacement code – she had gone thru the trouble of finding out SANIsoft’s site, getting an contact email address and writing back.

I am posting the code she sent back here and adding one from my own cache 🙂

Whoever claims it first…


  • Very tempting ..

    I would have liked to use it.But its of no use to me and besides I dont know anyone who needs it right now.So for the record, I saw it first , but am not using it .. :-).

  • Thanks.

  • But … you’re posting friends-only, and the people who can read the post already have LJ accounts. What gives? ::blink::

  • Yay! Cool idea. Here is my contribution