PHP 5.0.0 Beta 1 launched

Having tested the Alpha, I am thrilled at the features of PHP 5 but at the same time not jumping up and down with glee, given the history it will be at least one more year before I use it in my production environment. See change log at

That said, PHP5 for me will definitely redefine a whole lot of things for me in terms of programming style as it incorporates a lot of real OOP features.

A question is everyone’s mind is about unbundling of MySQL client library from PHP due to license issues. At the onset it looks bad BUT if you read around carefully you will notice the MySQL extension itself is not gone – it is just not bundled with the PHP download.

Lets see whom it hurts more MySQL or PHP – IMO it will be MySQL.

As an aside notice PostgreSQL is under BSD Licence

[Further update]
Ugh – but this is the place to say this…

I have been wondering if I as a developer distributed only PHP scripts would I be in violation of the MYSQL GPL?
As I understand GPL – No! I am not incorporating any part of MySQL code into my scripts nor am I distributing any part of MySQL code.
[/Further update]

Oh no not again!!

No this is not my entry for . This is a replication of a picture shown at The only change is that instead of black and white sheets I used the computer monitor as the background. This would have been perfect had the lemon slice been not touching the black part. See a larger version here. I would have entered this picture had n2kaja also not done the same.

I have now started to feel the need for a higher resolution camera. Mine does just 1.3mp at that size you have to do all your composition/cropping in camera, sigh! I dont have the money to buy a new camera, damnit! I never have money. 😉

I have been playing around with a new photo gallery script for my website , currently I dont plan to put anything other than my photo gallery there. This is a personal site and will have things which I don’t indulge in professionally. All my technical stuff belongs to SANIsoft.

We have a fabulous lunch planned for today – I just peeked and the dough for naan has really puffed up well – been a long time that I did some serious cooking.

Oh! my entry is here

Early bird gets the worm – Ugh!

I enacted “Early to bed and early to rise” today, only that I did not intend it to be this way. I wanted to sleep real late today completing the sleep deficit for the week.

Except for the fact that I still need about 4 hours of sleep I am really liking it. I am sitting in Aasim’s room (he crawled into our bed sometime late night) with windows open watching the sky change colours and listening to the babble of birds outside. I just realised that it is weekend once again 🙂 time once again is flying…

This week I had to tighten the reins on the programmers. How so ever I hate doing it, it comes with the job of being responsible and sadly there are very few emplyees who really understand this. For almost everyone I see around me – “Its just a job”

Yeah! It is a job that needs to be done. I guess I might as well ask for the moon… …

Open Mind == Screw Loose

Sometime yesterday evening, Just as Aasim walked into the room Swati said to me “You should have an open mind”, Aasim without even pausing his stride queried “Shall I get the screwdriver set?” (to loosen the screws)

All of us had a hearty laugh – The kid is getting a wacko sense of humour.

Another Photochallenge…

This weeks challenge for was dreamy. Most people have been posting sunsets, landscapes, sleeping babies and the likes. I wanted to actually photograph a projection of clouds on Swati but the slide projector refused to co-operate… I am not too displeased with what I ended up with 🙂 – A larger version is here. Although a whole lot of you have complimented generously about my pictures I have seldom got many votes. But rather than the votes the biggest motivation for me to post is the fun I have while doing the photography. I am slowly accumulating props and equipment for my home studio, an old tripod, couple of table lamps, white card, black card, white bedsheet, black bedsheet, a 24″x18″ glass pane, a similar sized mirror… …

The week itself proved that there is always hope, almost when even I had given up. Things are still on thin ice but atleast we are not in water.

Six degrees of separation

Long back I had seen a nifty tool which show link between any two LJ users by going through the friends list, The “Six degrees of separation” between any two LJ users – Does anyone have the URL to that script

Finally Rains.

Yesterday it finally rained. Temperature dropped down by atleast 10C. We could go for our walk it felt so very nice. Later I fell asleep in the veranda with Aasim telling me a story.

I know soon the rains will be the cause of misery all around, least of which is clothes not drying and floor being perpetually dirty BUT right now it is the best thing that could have happened.

Today we are planning to go to the water/amusement park – lets see what Aasim has to say once he gets up.

This week swatisani also has put up an entry for the . I found the topic a bit morbid. Instead of Decay it should have been Rebirth!! I really resisted posting a decaying dead body with popping eyes and tongue sticking out as my entry, instead have put up something very plain and stark. See a larger version.

Sun finally says Java Sux

OK! the subject line got your attention but it is not very far from truth. It is well known that while Java may be great at server level for business processes it really sucks when it comes to web front ends. This initiative for making Java compatible to PHP by Zend and Sun attempts to fix it.

One LJ code deserves another

Some weeks ago I had posted an LJ code on someone’s journal. It was picked up there by sohnipreet I had forgotten all about it till today morning when I got a mail from her returning a replacement code – she had gone thru the trouble of finding out SANIsoft’s site, getting an contact email address and writing back.

I am posting the code she sent back here and adding one from my own cache 🙂

Whoever claims it first…


Between Heaven and Hell

This is my picture for the theme Toys. With Aasim having toys and then some more toys the choice was a diffcult one. Finally decided upon using something simple and playing with light. The effect show is the result of a flashlight and a table lamp. A larger version is here, some other pictures which I took for the challenge are here. I particularly like the last one which I call Aladdin at the cave of wonders 😉

Just finished gorging ourselves on Hyderabadi Biryani and ice cold Coke

The temperature outside continues to be hellish.