Oh no not again!!

No this is not my entry for . This is a replication of a picture shown at http://dpchallenge.com. The only change is that instead of black and white sheets I used the computer monitor as the background. This would have been perfect had the lemon slice been not touching the black part. See a larger […]

Another Photochallenge…

This weeks challenge for was dreamy. Most people have been posting sunsets, landscapes, sleeping babies and the likes. I wanted to actually photograph a projection of clouds on Swati but the slide projector refused to co-operate… I am not too displeased with what I ended up with – A larger version is here. Although a […]

Finally Rains.

Yesterday it finally rained. Temperature dropped down by atleast 10C. We could go for our walk it felt so very nice. Later I fell asleep in the veranda with Aasim telling me a story. I know soon the rains will be the cause of misery all around, least of which is clothes not drying and […]

Between Heaven and Hell

This is my picture for the theme Toys. With Aasim having toys and then some more toys the choice was a diffcult one. Finally decided upon using something simple and playing with light. The effect show is the result of a flashlight and a table lamp. A larger version is here, some other pictures which […]