This week has been one of the fastest week of the year. Most importantly I feel that I have successfully extracted myself from the quagmire of my “late quarter life crisis” which I have been wallowing in for past few months. Thanks to Swati who gave me the rather melodramatic mantra “You can’t be a […]

My rant on PHP

Learning PHP is easy anyone can do it over a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. That was one of the primary goal of creating PHP and has been very successfully achieved. Today everyone and their cousin twice removed can write PHP. Combine that with sites like sourceforge and freshmeat and you have got phenomenal […]

Testing stat

Just testing how the stats will work out – you will not see anything in the post per se, but will update soon if the test works out [update] Go to and see the results with a uniqueID for each posts further fine tuning can be done. [/update]

Touching Base

The week has largely been uneventful though very tense… Nothing to write here about. This is again an Aasim’s Post. Have uploaded 15 more pictures taken by him to his album. These are all taken by him without any assistance other than commenting which picture was OK and which was not. Have introduced him to […]