The three-toed sloth spends about 18 hours a day hanging upside down from a tree, asleep.

Too many things seem to be hanging midway for my comfort. Projects – Commercial and Non commercial waiting for feedback Aasim’s PC – Still not delivered after 2 days the MoBo I want is out of stock. Swati’s table – Vendor says there is no one to assemble it Cable Internet – The cable has […]

The weasel and the ermine are the same animal. This mammal’s coat changes with the season ? in its white winter coat, it is known as an ermine, in its brown coat, it is a weasel.

Today for no real reason I shaved off my mushtache, Swati was happy, no more prickly kisses after nearly 9 years of having put up with it (before marriage, some how it did not matter! ). Sid was amused and Aasim cried bitterly saying how will I recognise my father now!! Aasim basically resists change, […]

To sux or not to sux!!!

“Encourage oral sex among under 16s to prevent teenage pregnancies!!” Believe me this is not some teenager joke but a British Government sponsored sex education course pioneered by Exeter University called A PAUSE. I don’t know what enlightened soul got this idea but as expected the whole thing has backfired and the parents are complaining […]

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one.

I wouldn’t do it ever – I love myself more than I can ever love anyone else. Leaving a stable job, a nice city just because a girl refused your proposal!! Its so frustratingly stupid. Hey if she refused you she didn’t deserve you for good OR for bad, but making your own life hell […]

What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare… …

drove his mobike from Hyderabad to Nagpur yesterday. Some pictures are here. Reminded me of the similar stunt that I had pulled with my brother when I was his age. We drove from Nagpur to Hyderabad to Vizag to Chennai to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Nagpur. That too on my 100cc Hero Honda, Thinking back […]

When people are relaxed, they inhale about 12 times every minute.

A nice Sunday! Began with Swati waking up late, well not very 9am, and I was to blame atleast partially Then we cooked a lunch of Chinese Fried Rice, Noodles, Chicken in Dark Soya and Wine Sauce and some soup. Except for the soup which was a bit too salty everything else turned out perfect!! […]

“Brevity is achieved by selection rather than compression.”– Donald M. Murray

After exactly a gap of one year yesterday I impulsively picked up a copy of PC Quest from the newsstand – $Deity knows what I was intending to prove. The magazine is now more direction-less than ever before. One thing which has prompted me to pick up the copy was a review of Xara Webstyle […]