Yipee!!! We finally have Cable Internet, connects are not great BUT its there. Thanks to sidcarter, zoneee and shankarbalan for helping sort out the netmask issue on Linux, In the process we once again discovered that things on Linux work as they are expected to work and Winduhs setup are misleading

The weasel and the ermine are the same animal. This mammal’s coat changes with the season ? in its white winter coat, it is known as an ermine, in its brown coat, it is a weasel.

Today for no real reason I shaved off my mushtache, Swati was happy, no more prickly kisses after nearly 9 years of having put up with it (before marriage, some how it did not matter! ). Sid was amused and Aasim cried bitterly saying how will I recognise my father now!! Aasim basically resists change, […]

To sux or not to sux!!!

“Encourage oral sex among under 16s to prevent teenage pregnancies!!” Believe me this is not some teenager joke but a British Government sponsored sex education course pioneered by Exeter University called A PAUSE. I don’t know what enlightened soul got this idea but as expected the whole thing has backfired and the parents are complaining […]


You are a middle class 45 year old woman, you and your husband have been slogging for as long as you remember to create some decent saving. You have a 15 year old son who aspires to study in US of A. Suddenly one fine morning your mother calls up and says cousin ABCD had […]

Swati to me sometime today afternoon : “You start a relationship based on trusting people, I do it based on not trusting them. That to me makes great business sense’ Proved right once again. Only can wish that it was not true.. ..