Yipee!!! We finally have Cable Internet, connects are not great BUT its there.

Thanks to sidcarter, zoneee and shankarbalan for helping sort out the netmask issue on Linux, In the process we once again discovered that things on Linux work as they are expected to work and Winduhs setup are misleading

The three-toed sloth spends about 18 hours a day hanging upside down from a tree, asleep.

Too many things seem to be hanging midway for my comfort.

Projects – Commercial and Non commercial waiting for feedback
Aasim’s PC – Still not delivered after 2 days the MoBo I want is out of stock.
Swati’s table – Vendor says there is no one to assemble it
Cable Internet – The cable has been laid but not gone live
Money – Will come in Monday

Now only if I had some place OR someone to go and hang out with… …

As an aside – am growing my mustache right back!

The weasel and the ermine are the same animal. This mammal’s coat changes with the season ? in its white winter coat, it is known as an ermine, in its brown coat, it is a weasel.

Today for no real reason I shaved off my mushtache, Swati was happy, no more prickly kisses after nearly 9 years of having put up with it (before marriage, some how it did not matter! ).

Sid was amused and Aasim cried bitterly saying how will I recognise my father now!!

Aasim basically resists change, I remember he had cried when Swati wore a saree for the first time in front of him. He creates a fuss if Swati puts mendhi on her hands. But I have never thought that he will mind my cutting my mushtache so much.

I have had this mushtache since past 13 years, basically had grown it when I started my clinic and people said that I looked too young to be a doctor!!!

Swati has taken some pictures and might put it up soon.

Later in the evening we went out for ice creams Aasim was alright after a while 🙂

To sux or not to sux!!!

“Encourage oral sex among under 16s to prevent teenage pregnancies!!”

Believe me this is not some teenager joke but a British Government sponsored sex education course pioneered by Exeter University called A PAUSE. I don’t know what enlightened soul got this idea but as expected the whole thing has backfired and the parents are complaining that it is just exciting the teenagers to experiment further!!!

The second thing which had us in splits today was a mailer which arrived (yes actual paper) which said 20 ways to get bright ideas. The first point was “Know the problem!”

Hmmm… I got an idea 😉


You are a middle class 45 year old woman, you and your husband have been slogging for as long as you remember to create some decent saving. You have a 15 year old son who aspires to study in US of A. Suddenly one fine morning your mother calls up and says cousin ABCD had called up saying that there is a cure for Parkinsons and she needs Rs500K to take your 75year old father who has very severe disease. You say you will answer in a day.

You call your sister, she says that she is totally broke (which you know is true) but adds that she would have gladly given everything she had.

You research and find out that the treatment is only 25% successful, so the choice is your son’s career / future OR a probable addition of a few years to your father’s life.

What do you do?

For the record – this lady refused and was called selfish by her mother.

On the technology front SANIsoft finally shifted from BNC co-ax < gasp > to a switched network. Now to read more about packet sniffing on a switched network. I read it is much more difficult but not impossible. Don’t ask me why and what 😉

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one.

I wouldn’t do it ever – I love myself more than I can ever love anyone else.

Leaving a stable job, a nice city just because a girl refused your proposal!! Its so frustratingly stupid. Hey if she refused you she didn’t deserve you for good OR for bad, but making your own life hell is not going to solve anything.

If love is often cruel or destructive, the reasons lie not in love itself, but in the inequality between people.

I guess what he needs is a friend, preferably a female friend, to talk to and cry and be over with.

Damn it – he was a good programmer… …

Also I would like to know your opinions on my previous post

Swati to me sometime today afternoon : “You start a relationship based on trusting people, I do it based on not trusting them. That to me makes great business sense’

Proved right once again. Only can wish that it was not true.. ..

What is this life so full of care, we have no time to stand and stare… …

drove his mobike from Hyderabad to Nagpur yesterday. Some pictures are here. Reminded me of the similar stunt that I had pulled with my brother when I was his age. We drove from Nagpur to Hyderabad to Vizag to Chennai to Bangalore to Hyderabad to Nagpur.

That too on my 100cc Hero Honda, Thinking back I am pretty amazed that the machine survived the entire trip without a single problem!!!

Sid is going to Goa from here, was immediately tempted to ride along with him (here to Pune and Pune to Goa) but alas! I am not so free a man now, too much work, new projects, new programmer… …

Besides not fair on Swati who wanted to do the trip herself. My other (not so) crazy idea is to do the Nagpur – Hyd – Bangalore trip on a bicycle, am reasonably confident that I can do it BUT sigh!

When people are relaxed, they inhale about 12 times every minute.

A nice Sunday!

Began with Swati waking up late, well not very 9am, and I was to blame atleast partially 😉

Then we cooked a lunch of Chinese Fried Rice, Noodles, Chicken in Dark Soya and Wine Sauce and some soup. Except for the soup which was a bit too salty everything else turned out perfect!!

The afternoon was spent lazing and horsing around with Aasim in turns, towards late afternoon it started to rain and all of us went out for a drive. Stopped by the lake side for a while and just returned back… …

“Brevity is achieved by selection rather than compression.”– Donald M. Murray

After exactly a gap of one year yesterday I impulsively picked up a copy of PC Quest from the newsstand – $Deity knows what I was intending to prove.

The magazine is now more direction-less than ever before. One thing which has prompted me to pick up the copy was a review of Xara Webstyle 3 – believe me the review occupies a quarter of a page!! The issue also contains 2 full page ads of PC Quest Linux 8.0 to be released next month, the CD picture says based on < gasp >Red Hat 7.1 < / gasp >

Spent some time on working with Dream Weaver MX templates – This version of DW has a greatly enhanced template capability and looks like it will be for the first time that we can provide a truly WYSIWYG Editable templates for PHP based applications, something which has been troubling me for quite some time now.

Also downloaded and installed Mozilla 1.3b – mainly for the calendar support – now to write a script which changes the .ics files to .pdb which will work with the Palm Calendar. I have the needed proof of concept code but it is scattered all over my network 🙁