The truest mark of a man’s wisdom is his ability to listen to other men expound their wisdom.

Had a bad headache throughout the day, looks like I am going to get Aasim’s cold. Thankfully the headache has abated in the past hour Found a rather interesting LJ community today If you like to spice up your LJ with little something extra do take a look [update] Just hacked a custom style […]

Aasim just woke up and discovered his gifts and shouted on top of his voice “Hey Santa got me gifts!!” Within five mins the wrapper was off and he was playing with Swati, suddenly in the middle he stops and says – “I know Santa did not get this for me – you got it! […]

Boredom can lead to madness in parrots. When caged by themselves and neglected for long periods of time, these intelligent, sociable birds can easily become mentally ill. Many inflict wounds upon themselves, develop strange tics, and rip out their feather

Saw the movie “Leela” last night – In my personal opinion a well made movie even though at times understated. Of Course it has Dimple Kapadia After the movie we were discussing as to what should be an ideal course of action for a single mother who is 40 something living with her 18 something […]