Only 2 animals can see completely behind themselves without turning their heads: the rabbit and the parrot.

Last day of the year… … I guess I can just go back and look at all the LJ entries that I have made and I will know what all good I have done in the past year 🙂

BUT what can I remember as exceptional? Personally… … not much but lot of what I feel good about is what happened at SANIsoft, that is a lot and I would rather save it for some other day. I guess I should be glad to have the “Pro PHP 4” book published, as a public relations stunt it has a great value but again the satisfaction that could have been derived was to a great degree robbed away by the publishers… …

I traveled a lot this year most of it in the last 4 months to Bangkok and quite enjoyed my trips. Thinking more staidly, the relationship between me and Swati evolved that much more – can’t say it was because of the fact that both of us were extremely busy and money was not really a problem OR just that age is catching up.

Yes there is one regrettable thing though – this year I completely stopped my medicine practice.

So am I dissatisfied? No! not at all because we had all the successes in SANIsoft. SANIsoft is not just a business for me/us it is a dream which we are steadily forging into a reality.

The two hemispheres of a dolphin’s brain can work independently.

It was a pretty restless weekend – restless as in not being allowed to rest or relax. But I did manage to get some work done 🙂

Among the better things that happened over the week end was that finally the Spell checker in Mozilla worked for me download it from if you don’t already have it. The second thing was that I discovered that the book “Creating Applications with Mozilla” is published under OPL So I need not wait for it to be available in India, though I am sure I will pick up a print copy when I get a chance.

Have got some ideas on making a Mozilla client for our CMS

Looks like the much wanted feature of web page embedded WYSIWYG editor for Mozilla is already there in V1.3 but some bits still need work. Till then take a look at

A large hemispherical cultured pearl is referred to as a mabe.

PHP 4.3 has been released and with it comes one more reason for people like me for not using Perl 😉

The CLI now is a different distinct SAPI, though I have used PHP for shell scripting often things like $ some_application | some_filter | php | sort -u >final_output.txt had many limitations.

The truest mark of a man’s wisdom is his ability to listen to other men expound their wisdom.

Had a bad headache throughout the day, looks like I am going to get Aasim’s cold. Thankfully the headache has abated in the past hour

Found a rather interesting LJ community today If you like to spice up your LJ with little something extra do take a look

Just hacked a custom style to get my friends posts, subject and user name, to scroll in KNewsTicker (yeah! it is RSS feed)
Just paste the above line with your username as the news source 🙂

In ancient Egypt, onions were an object of worship, its circle-within-a-circle structure symbolized eternal life.

Had looked at my own user info and noticed my friends circle, 28 people list me as their friend out of which I have reciprocated to only 12 people.

What does that make me? an introvert OR popular 😉

Honestly for me it means none of the above because I just surf over to most of the journals at least once a week. Am refraining from adding more people to my friends list because given my dial-up connection the friends page already is too long. I guess this must be a stage which everyone goes thru on LJ… ….

On a more serious note I just finished reading this

I feel that the memory of the mob in general is very very short and it works both ways. I am not saying that what happened in Gujarat was right and that the rulers are blameless, just that such things have been happening in India repeatedly – The violence in the wake of Rath Yatra and post Babri Masjid demolition was just as bad – the utterances of Sadhvi Rithambhra were just as vitriolic. The declarations of death of secularism were just as vehement… …

But among all this is also a ray of hope – madmen cannot just take over the country sanity ultimately prevails. All you can do is pray that you don’t caught in an insane time or place

Aasim just woke up and discovered his gifts and shouted on top of his voice “Hey Santa got me gifts!!”

Within five mins the wrapper was off and he was playing with Swati, suddenly in the middle he stops and says – “I know Santa did not get this for me – you got it! Thank you”

The best Christmas gift we have ever got 🙂

Boredom can lead to madness in parrots. When caged by themselves and neglected for long periods of time, these intelligent, sociable birds can easily become mentally ill. Many inflict wounds upon themselves, develop strange tics, and rip out their feather

Saw the movie “Leela” last night – In my personal opinion a well made movie even though at times understated. Of Course it has Dimple Kapadia 🙂

After the movie we were discussing as to what should be an ideal course of action for a single mother who is 40 something living with her 18 something son with regards to her love affair with a new man!!

We concluded hiding it is the number 1 wrong thing she can do. The son should be taken into confidence the man should be introduced to the son and then let the things flow forward from there on. There is no way that the things will just fall into place but then the young man has the right to know… … and this way she has a better chance of things working out..

Until he’s about 21 years old, the male Indian elephant isn’t interested in romancing a female elephant.

“Buy me a Pizza!” Well this is one of the cutest pick up line for a guy that I have heard in ages.

Yeah! used right I am sure it will work. Someone willing to try it out for me?

BTW the line is from the movie “American Desi” which we just finished watching. The movie itself is not too great nor do I feel that it is even a near to reality depiction of Indians in America.

Maybe some of my recently departed :o) friends can confirm or deny my ass-umptions.

Have finished nearly half of my article titled “Outsourcing: A brief guide”

Our Open Source Business Model

Finally managed to publish a much wanted document on SANIsoft’s site – Our Open Source Business Model, Opinions on this have ranged from “this is not possible” to “this is not what it means” and I guess almost every individual reading it will have his own ideas about it

I intend it to serve a purpose and that it will adequately 🙂

Nothing changes But still does… …

“In a country that prides itself as being the world’s largest democracy, with a constitution deemed fair to all, why this amazingly blatant display of monopoly?”*

This was written almost 8 years ago about the Internet in India.

It applies to so many more spheres of Indian life!!

Nothing much has changed but then still has … ….

* From