Yesterday finally landed back in Nagpur. No place like home 🙂

But there is too much to be done here…. ….

Monday we leave again to attend Linux Banglore 2002 with sponsors like HP, IBM and today Ministry of Communications and Information Technology it promises to be a great show.

Hmmm… better polish up that talk of mine 😉

(09:39:15) Tarique: Thank god for SMS Internet and cell phones
(09:39:20) Swati: yes…
(09:39:34) Tarique: imaging if we had this when we were going around
(09:39:37) Swati: i remember the days 10 years back
(09:39:44) Tarique: yes
(09:39:45) Swati: we wouldn’t have got married
(09:39:50) Tarique: 😀

An IM conversation I just had with Swati.

Yes, our long distance love affair was really long distance in todays context. The was no Internet or Cell Phones. We use to write letters to each other daily and if we were lucky the letter would reach in 3 working days. It was a routine for me to write a letter while sitting in the evening OPD and then post it on my way back at the GPO, so that it did not take one day extra, in those days I had a motorcycle and I would ride right up to the postbox at GPO drop the letter in and move on without needing to stop the bike… … Guess I wouldn’t try that now.

We had telephone BUT we did not have much money, so talking was restricted to 2 half an hour talks after 10pm when the rates were 1/3 the prime time rates.

Yes love, we have come a long way – thanks for being there with me – We still have a long long way to go and I am going to need you always … …

(18:23:25) *** ******: LOL….ok….don’t worry. …not much time there…
(18:23:34) *** ******: have fun as much as you can…since Swati is here 😉
(18:24:11) Tarique: No fun without her
(18:24:33) *** ******: ah….OK! both of you ….ogle at each other…eh 😀

Snippet from an IM conversation I had very recently. No guys you don’t realize. Watching people, specially women is not much fun if you cannot discuss/analyze your subjects with your buddies. We (me and Swati) indulge in it a lot and it is specially fun in a foreign land where you can freely talk in your native language without drawing too much attention.

Yesterday night I decided to go on a prowl of the hotel at 00:30 hrs just to see what goes on. Nothing much except for a couple of very good looking hookers whom I would have paid just to have coffee with me had they known any English beyond “Just 2000 Bhat!!” The 24hrs cafe was indeed open though the disco was empty well almost. I sat and chatted with the cafe hostess for a while

We leave Bangkok on Wednesday. I am throughly tired, bored and homesick.

Mystery of the Siamese unshakeable breasts!!

Have finally cracked the mystery of the near perfect and firm looking breasts in most of the ladies here. The revelation dawned upon me when I tried shopping for lingerie for Swati. most of the women here prefer bras which have 1/3 hemisphere cups made of some material with consistency between rubber foam and styrofoam / thermocole so what is seen is actually the shape of this cup…. ….

Arrrgghhh what a rip off.

There were some with lycra , lace and under wired (the kind I was looking for) but all the good looking ones were the ones padded with fakes. Sheesh!!! what a turn off. What ultimately depressed me was hip pads 🙁

Damn the B*******- Embassies are set up in foreign countries so that citizens traveling to that particular country can be helped. BUT my experience with the Indian Embassy here in Bangkok Thailand was exactly the opposite.

The place is full of typical govt Babus replete with red tape wrapped around in 100M bundles !!! In the very least they are rude and on the other side spectrum they provide erroneous information leading to a whole lot of anxiety and needless running around.

I had a doubt Emigration Check Suspended Status in Vinay’s passport and had thought that it needs to be extended or something whereas nothing more needs to be done. No one gave us a straight answer and we spent about 3 hours in the embassy…. ….

What’s YOUR Writing Style?

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Yesterday we (me and the boys) went the Chatuchak weekend market. I got myself a rucksack to carry all the stuff back. Took some pictures, Picked up an Amber with ant which turned out to be fake – Well just B200 damage, still it is a good fake 😀 Have also picked up a small bamboo watermill, Vinay also picked up one and now we are wondering how to carry it back, probably as hand baggage. In the evening I spent time at Central Plaza taking pictures of Orchids. They are celebrating 20th anniversary to they have live fashion shows and pop shows in the center lobby.

The most commonly used phosphorescent material used is zinc sulfide mixed with copper

Yawn!! back in office, work is progressing OK!

Swati reached back safely. Was waiting for her SMS, then just couldn’t fall asleep, watched the movie “Kate and Leopold” – OK if you don’t have anything else but to look at the clock… …

I got for Aasim a set of 5 VCDs with the BBC series “Walking with Beasts” Original VCDs in English for B450 there are lots of Nat Geo VCDs for B90 each,l I intend to take a look at all of them.

Now which is worse – getting AIDS, or being treated with Bill Gate’s cash?

A snippet from an IM conversation I am having

BTW If you have not already read it do spare a few minutes and read and also

If you are a fan of Open Source, JRR Tolkien with a smattering of Star Wars you will love it. Describing it will be spoiling the fun 🙂

Statistics for my LJ friends

Total Connections: 24

Friends: 11
Friend Of: 24

Friends: 0
Friend Of: 13
Friend Both: 11

Just dropped Swati and Aasim to the airport and I am already missing them 🙁

Guess the only option is to work work and work.

But I dread the mornings – I hate waking up alone in the morning. Somehow it is very very satisfying to wake up and see my wife and my son sleeping peacefully. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my whole gamut of daily activity revolves around these two.

Among other things I have left my room keys in the room – I hope it is not too troublesome to get back into the room.