Yesterday finally landed back in Nagpur. No place like home But there is too much to be done here…. …. Monday we leave again to attend Linux Banglore 2002 with sponsors like HP, IBM and today Ministry of Communications and Information Technology it promises to be a great show. Hmmm… better polish up that talk […]

(09:39:15) Tarique: Thank god for SMS Internet and cell phones (09:39:20) Swati: yes… (09:39:34) Tarique: imaging if we had this when we were going around (09:39:37) Swati: i remember the days 10 years back (09:39:44) Tarique: yes (09:39:45) Swati: we wouldn’t have got married (09:39:50) Tarique: An IM conversation I just had with Swati. Yes, […]

(18:23:25) *** ******: LOL….ok….don’t worry. …not much time there… (18:23:34) *** ******: have fun as much as you can…since Swati is here (18:24:11) Tarique: No fun without her (18:24:33) *** ******: ah….OK! both of you ….ogle at each other…eh Snippet from an IM conversation I had very recently. No guys you don’t realize. Watching people, […]

Mystery of the Siamese unshakeable breasts!!

Have finally cracked the mystery of the near perfect and firm looking breasts in most of the ladies here. The revelation dawned upon me when I tried shopping for lingerie for Swati. most of the women here prefer bras which have 1/3 hemisphere cups made of some material with consistency between rubber foam and styrofoam […]

Damn the B*******- Embassies are set up in foreign countries so that citizens traveling to that particular country can be helped. BUT my experience with the Indian Embassy here in Bangkok Thailand was exactly the opposite. The place is full of typical govt Babus replete with red tape wrapped around in 100M bundles !!! In […]

The most commonly used phosphorescent material used is zinc sulfide mixed with copper

Yawn!! back in office, work is progressing OK! Swati reached back safely. Was waiting for her SMS, then just couldn’t fall asleep, watched the movie “Kate and Leopold” – OK if you don’t have anything else but to look at the clock… … I got for Aasim a set of 5 VCDs with the BBC […]

Now which is worse – getting AIDS, or being treated with Bill Gate’s cash? A snippet from an IM conversation I am having BTW If you have not already read it do spare a few minutes and read and also If you are a fan of Open Source, JRR Tolkien with a smattering […]