crash of 2001: As Internet business models soured, the World Wide Web still grew 33 percent

Divali bonus given today… … The year was good … … None of us are from a business family. We learnt to do business by the seat of our pants. We did make a few early mistakes but mostly succeeded. Over past 5 years we have been called, ranging from, affectionately a momma papa company* […]

The gluteus maximus a.k.a the butt is the biggest muscle in your body. Each of the two cheeky muscles tips the scales at about two pounds (not including the overlying fat layer)

Nagpur weather is generally weird in the last couple of weeks of October. The days are hot and you sweat a lot and nights are about 20C cooler. The result is you tend to drink less water… … This literally resulted in a bad pain in the a**. I jogged without proper warm-up and water […]

Writer Barbara Costikyan notes, “In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot, and a mom.”

Home cooked food, hand made food, food by the lady of the house – all these are so firmly entrenched in an average middle class Indian psyche… … I myself would have never imagined that I would do it BUT for next ten days it has been decreed that the kitchen at our home be […]

“Ice Cream Sunday” had the final ‘y’ replaced with an ‘e’ to avoid upsetting religious leaders.

The week passed by …. … Was not as bad as anticipated. We did fight but even that was not too bad Our Visa’s are here including Vinay’s ECR (Emigration Check Required) has been suspended for a month, getting it was the biggest bother I had – Again thanks to Swati for managing it. Another […]

We will rock you – Queen. Released on B-side of WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS – 7th October, 1977. Reached number 2. Radio always played them back-to-back, which explains why they were sometimes referred to as a Double A-sided single.

Aasim just woke up singing “We will we will rock you” A hang over from his yesterdays pre-poned birthday party to his class mates. He will be 5 on 5th November. Apparently the kids had a lot of fun and I missed out on most of it. Don’t know whether to be glad about it […]


It happened in a fraction of a second but it has been continuously playing in slow motion.since morning in my mind I was standing at a square waiting for traffic lights to change. There were last few seconds on the opposing lane green light, this man on scooter was zooming past the square when suddenly […]