Is this Home?

A recent article by set me wondering… … 361, Shankaranagar, Nagpur. I have lived here all my life, right from day one, I never left it for more than a week’s holiday… … Is this Home? The house where I live is older than me, I know each and every crack that have developed the […]

Sunday revisited

Compared to what is there now, my efforts of last Sunday look ugly. Also the shades and strokes are now seen even in smaller images. Printing these images in grayscale on handmade paper gives good effect, but will have to see how much the ink spreads over time. Will try it on the photopaper as […]

Warm Wednesday … … Things are on schedule – got the server much to my relief. Among other things I updated my smirnoff ads collection thanks to vaibhav for the links – now there are 24 ads in the album. Also I know that there are several more – will hunt for them

A peaceful Monday… … Spent some more time refining the technique of creating pencil drawing from photographs using GIMP. The results were much better results than yesterday – now pencil strokes can be seen in smaller images as well. This works best for landscapes and figures with less tonal range – also soft focus pictures […]

Renounce the world, say sages. But such words of wisdom are only tired cliches. For who can forsake such luscious hips grabbed tight by a girdle of flashing rubies? By Bharthari Spent the past two hours with GIMP and a photograph and this is the result. Turned out to be easier in the end BUT […]

Writing EXIF tags

While there is loads of software for reading EXIF data from jpeg I could hardly find anything which allowed me to write EXIF data into jpeg. I was searching for something with CLI on Linux. PHP has neat function exif_read_data and exif_thumbnail, but exif_write_data function is missing – time to look into the EXIF specs… […]

36 Today

36 today!!! Most people mark milestones of age in decades at 20,30,40 years of age But I would rather prefer doing it 16,26,36 years may be even add 6 to the list. The reason I prefer this is 6 years is when you start remembering things for life, at 16 you are physically old enough […]