A peaceful Monday… … Spent some more time refining the technique of creating pencil drawing from photographs using GIMP. The results were much better results than yesterday – now pencil strokes can be seen in smaller images as well. This works best for landscapes and figures with less tonal range – also soft focus pictures […]

Renounce the world, say sages. But such words of wisdom are only tired cliches. For who can forsake such luscious hips grabbed tight by a girdle of flashing rubies? By Bharthari Spent the past two hours with GIMP and a photograph and this is the result. Turned out to be easier in the end BUT […]

Writing EXIF tags

While there is loads of software for reading EXIF data from jpeg I could hardly find anything which allowed me to write EXIF data into jpeg. I was searching for something with CLI on Linux. PHP has neat function exif_read_data and exif_thumbnail, but exif_write_data function is missing – time to look into the EXIF specs… […]