There are times when you need not feel bad BUT you still do!
There are times when you need not be blamed BUT you still are!
There are times when you are not guilty BUT you feel you are!

These are the times when your thought process is really screwed up – step back – take a third party view of the situation.

Stepping back now … …

Phew!! A load off my head

Database normalized, specs finalized, design approved…

I can hopefully go back to doing mostly nothing, the boys will carry on from here with me watching over their backs.

The day also did have me pondering over the issue of XML-RPC Vs SOAP, have settled for XML-RPC because of the simplicity and I can always convert the requests/responses to SOAP compliant using XSLT at a later date.

Learned a few tricks in optimizing MySQL deamon and variables. I am going to need every bit if I am to run all 500 sites off a single database.

Clear blue sky after almost ten days – feels nice to see everything washed now drying out

Aasim is running around with a space ship in his hand singing “Row Row Row your boat”


Ah! Sunday – time for a breather…

Life continues to be in the fast lane.

Cycling in the morning, Maddeningly busy office hours, a brisk long walk with Swati in the evening helps to unwind.

The day ends being deliciously tired, no I am not complaining 🙂


Name: Vinay Kumar
Age: 22 Years
Designation: Ace programmer at SANIsoft (4 years with PHP)
Qualification: College Dropout!!!!

Why the last?
Nagpur University gave him 0 (as in Zero) for his Maths paper he expected at least 100/150 and there is some stupid rule which says that he cannot apply for a revaluation because getting 50 marks is the minimum for reval.

If the guy refuses to graduate I won’t blame him

Back to work


OK! I did jump in air BUT not yet doing cartwheels 🙂

So my 18% probablity came true… …

Have to deliver the Phase 1 in a months time – everything depends on the success of this phase. I have to give it my best… …

In other things Bangkok is an impressive city, we did not have much time to explore it, BUT we could find enough time to get Lego for Aasim, so now he has a new Jedi Starfighter, R2D2, and a couple of droids

Have made a private entry today, will make it public when I am back

Hopefully with a good news 🙂

For retrospection

Posting this as a private post right now so that I can reflect back as to what was expected.

With a **** turnover ***************** is HUUUGE as compared to SANIsoft , but the CEO himself asked for me and wanted to meet in person. I suspect that someone known will also be there …

So what are my expectations from the trip
1) Nothing – 80% probability – We would have enjoyed an all expense paid weekend in Bangkok
2) A project – 18% probability – They are in travel related business – something *WE* understand something about
3) An Investment – 2% probability – The mail says that there is a whole lot they want to do with us as partners

In situations like this the Geeta offers best advice – think not of the fruits, just do your bit.

Hmmm… me getting old

** done to respect the NDA – 19th Aug

Light at the end

OK! it is final.

There is some light at the end of the roller coaster tunnel, though we are still hurtling along at a breath taking pace.

We are leaving for Bangkok for a business trip tomorrow evening, actually first to Mumbai for a day and then …

This is a watershed trip in two ways. First for SANIsoft – more on that when we come back.. Second for us as parents – this is the first time that we are leaving Aasim (with Swati’s parents) and going out.

I am more worried about the later


since yesterday life suddenly has been flung on a roller coaster… …

The ride is expected to last for atleast next 10 days… …

Will write more if/when I get time to catch my breath