Of friends and finding them

Found in the list of people who have me as their friend and since I don’t really have any personal friends apart from … Of Course Got curious… … I really liked what I read…. Hop over to http://justlikethat.blogspot.com to find more. Read a review of the movie “Bend it like Beckham” written by her […]

After running my internet gateway for almost 2 years with only TCP Wrappers for protection (and without any incidence) and scared me enough to implement some ipchains – yeah I know they have been superceded by iptables but then that is a different story. Amongst other things I discovered in a conversation with Vaibhav that […]

Swati manages to run into the weirdest of bugs. There is a bug with gimp-print which gives streaky prints when connected to a SMB printer given a particular set of hardware. I have side stepped the issue by shifting the printer to her machine and making it a CUPS server!! Will file a bug report […]

I had to happen! The only person who uses printer to any significant degree in the office is unable to print properly from Linux !!! Same setup, same drivers, printer on same machine works perfectly from every other Linux/Windows machine Unfortunately it works properly from that very machine when booted in Windows and still more […]

Evolving Beauty

http://www.evolvingbeauty.com is the website of Eric Boutilier Brown, a Canadian photographer who specializes in photographing nudes in black and white. This man’s talent is amazing!! I have been following his work for past two years and he has consistently improved on his quality and technique. I can personally vouch for the fact that photographing nudes […]