Finally after a 6 day spell of rain the Sun made an appearence.

Not to miss the opportunity – we went for a long (well not very long) walk.

Feels nice 🙂

Of trees and roots : Part II

Well from the above it appears that what we had was a particularly large and old specimen of Callistemon rigidus
– It was nearly 50 ft high and was > 35 years old.

The most heartening news is that the tree usually comes back to life and is propogated without much difficulty – In fact there are already rootlets forming in the bark

Of trees and roots

I never thought that I will feel sentimental about a tree, but when the incessant rains took toll of the ancient bottle brush tree in our compound I was surprised to feel such a deep feeling of loss … …

That tree had stood there since before me… It was witness to a lot of my childhood adventures and fantasies. It was the magical place which morphed from a seafaring ship to a space pod as per the wishes of me and my friends. At times it was my only companion.

I was hoping that I would teach Aasim tree climbing on that… But…

Confucius say

Source not acknowleged on discretion 😉

BUT this was the most relaxing moment of the day – Still cant get that grin off my face ….


Mails like these bring out the BOFH in me 😀


Ouch! Go to school! That would hurt.

I’ll contact them and see where we’re at and let you know soon.

Thank you,

on 6/18/02 7:46 AM, Dr Tarique Sani at wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, ****** ****** wrote:
>> Thank you for the overview of the problems with the billing script. I
>> appreciate that. Even though the news does not sound good. What would you
>> recommend that I do?
> Demand a complete re-write of the scripts with attention being paid to the
> points mentioned. Also note that key – code these guys need is available
> in PHP manual itself. There are also some classes available which they can
> use … …
> Regards
> Tarique


She is pregnant, due in August and she didn’t even bother to call once, this was just a mild discomfort or nag at the back of my mind – We were like that in some ways – close very close but at times aloof… … BUT Swati shed light on it in a very different way!! She has not contacted me because her marriage is not really working out. Which is a high possibility the way she was. I am in a catch 22 situation, If I call her she will be devastated because being close to me makes her face the truth, truth might be something she is not ready to handle right now.

I can just pray and remember how we were 20 years ago, I was 15, she 16 both of us were coping with a loss of a parent, trying to define the ethics which will shape the rest of our lives. We succeeded, we succeeded in ways unimagined by both of us then…

She became one of the youngest and highest paid woman executives of the country for one of the biggest name in the industry, I, I learned the value of being happy!

BUT some how she couldn’t ever get her “men” right and she would then hide from me for long periods of time. I waited… She always said that she hid from me because she knew I would disapprove, I never asked – then why? Looking back may be I should have…

This time it felt that everything was indeed going her way, my last meeting with her few months after her wedding indicated some adjustment problems, nothing serious. In her last conversation she had said that she is leaving everything here in India and going to Australia to live with her husband, said she just wanted to be his wife… …

She was like that … …

Things to come

Swati: Hey! Aasim give me a hug
Aasim: Why? (eyebrows arched)
Swati: Because I am your mother….
Aasim: So? (walks out of the room)

Hmm… looks like the mould is being set for the shape o things to come

Image2ascii using PHP

Had been toying with this idea for some time, but looks like someone has already done it – Take a look here – 497Kb

Planetarium 2.0

If you ever look at the night skies and try to identify anything other than the moon then Planetarium 2.0 ( is alone worth buying a palm!!

This is one of the best Star Atlas I have seen and it is really fast. Attention to small details like a “night mode” where everything is drawn in red against a black background shows that a lot of attention has been paid while programming. Also most of the actions dont take more than 2 taps of the stylus.

Last but not the least it is very reasonably priced at $24 as compared to $100+ for similar software on PC which is no good anyways cause it is a pain to have a laptop around while you lie supine on the terrace – yeah thats my fav for watching the skies, and not to mention I dont have a laptop!!


OK! this is will help someone save some heavy head banging

* SSL & MSIE & Form-Submit & “Page or DNS not found”

append the following line to httpd.conf:

SetEnvIf User-Agent “.*MSIE.*” nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown

* SSL & href=”javascript:”:

wrong onClick Handler within MSIE 5.5. Either
Service Pack 1 helps or the workaround as mentioned in