Of trees and roots : Part II

http://mgonline.com/bottlebrush.html Well from the above it appears that what we had was a particularly large and old specimen of Callistemon rigidus – It was nearly 50 ft high and was > 35 years old. The most heartening news is that the tree usually comes back to life and is propogated without much difficulty – In […]

Of trees and roots

I never thought that I will feel sentimental about a tree, but when the incessant rains took toll of the ancient bottle brush tree in our compound I was surprised to feel such a deep feeling of loss … … That tree had stood there since before me… It was witness to a lot of […]


Mails like these bring out the BOFH in me — Tarique, Ouch! Go to school! That would hurt. I’ll contact them and see where we’re at and let you know soon. Thank you, ****** on 6/18/02 7:46 AM, Dr Tarique Sani at tarique@sanisoft.com wrote: > On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, ****** ****** wrote: > >> […]


She is pregnant, due in August and she didn’t even bother to call once, this was just a mild discomfort or nag at the back of my mind – We were like that in some ways – close very close but at times aloof… … BUT Swati shed light on it in a very different […]

Planetarium 2.0

If you ever look at the night skies and try to identify anything other than the moon then Planetarium 2.0 ( http://www.aho.ch/pilotplanets/) is alone worth buying a palm!! This is one of the best Star Atlas I have seen and it is really fast. Attention to small details like a “night mode” where everything is […]


OK! this is will help someone save some heavy head banging * SSL & MSIE & Form-Submit & “Page or DNS not found” append the following line to httpd.conf: SetEnvIf User-Agent “.*MSIE.*” nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown * SSL & href=”javascript:”: wrong onClick Handler within MSIE 5.5. Either Service Pack 1 helps or the workaround as mentioned in […]