is one girl I would like to see *how* she grows older… …

Right now she seems to have all her fundas just perfect!!

Reading parts of her journal reminded me of Swati when she was 18, gawd!! I can’t believe I am twice that old now… …

if you are reading this then I would like to confide that *I* and a *select* few others feel that Swati is a great woman and *most* men hate her guts 😉

Reality Check!!

Went to the clinic after a gap of almost a month, the main reason being that my current chamber has been assimilated by the municipal corporation in road widening, yeah it was legal and everything BUT the law states that the law can take away anything from you… Also there was too much to be done here at SANIsoft.

Why do I need to go to the clinic? Altruistic reasons be damned, and the monetary gains are a joke! The fact is that my patients are my touch with reality, the real denizens of the society we live in… Most of them are from lower or lower middle socio-economic class, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, carpenters you name it and they are there. I need them as much as they need me, I don’t have to put up any pretenses as I talk to the ladies happily narrating what she said to her MIL, and not being surprised at the MIL turning up half an hour later with the other side of the story. Mind you they don’t want my advise and I rarely give any. It is just that I am someone who they can trust, no mean feat in an orthodox Muslim set-up.

Then there is also the special class of patients of mine, the ones whom I treated as kids and they are now mothers – been practicing since past 13 years now – and the ones who were neonates and are now teenagers. They turn to me so that I can give their parents the perspective from the younger POV…

With my patients I dont have to be bothered with things like having to put up with a relative who was showing off his *latest Casio Digital Diary*

LOL – You can well imagine the reaction when after 15 min I calmly took out my M505 and went back to reading the Perry Mason ….

Bottom-line – my patients don’t make me sick 🙂

Just a link

to a nice story …. for all you star trek fans out there – link provided by , he advised reader discretion so I will pass it on … …

I guess, this is as hot as it should get … …

Notably several formats are available for downloading the earlier episodes including PDB.

I want a Robot

Nope – Not what you are thinking – I want a real Robot.

I stumbled upon a series of links while browsing for interesting trivia. and really captivated me.

I know all about Lego MindStorm and some day I will have the complete lot BUT somehow the simplicity design combined with the genius of logic makes these robo bugs more endearing to me.

For example watch the animation how Dizzy evades an obstacle without reversing its motors!!

Another Quiz ;-)

take free enneagram test

Actually got a tie on 5 and 8

Hmm… … lets see if I can come up with 1 to 9

Indecent Exposure

As an offshoot of a completely frivolous thread here starring and – yeah it reminded me of good guy, bad guy, damsel in distress 😉 – I started research on available resources about “Indian Penal Code” on the net. To be more specific, interpretation of IPC sections relating to Indecent Exposure, Nudity and Obscenity.

I was able to get the relevant section, section 292, which for the curious defines obscene as “… shall be deemed to be obscene it it is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest or if its effect, or (where it comprises two or more distinct items) the effect of any one of its items, is, if taken as a whole, such as to tend to deprave and corrupt persons who are likely, having regard to all relevant circumstances, to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in it.”

As it can be read, the definition is completely interpretive in nature. We had learnt the interpretations in Forensic Medicine, I will let pass the anatomic details BUT a single line interpretation in my understanding is “Top 1/3rd is expose able and bottom 1/3rd definitely OK as long as it is in such a place where minors cannot see it BUT expose the frontal mid 1/3rd and you are in trouble with the law!!”

We accepted this as gospel truth since its implication amounted to nothing more than a question in Viva Voce, but since yesterday I have been wondering who/what/where was it decided to be interpreted as such?

Which are the relevant cases and the decisions? As far as I can recall right from the days of Protima Bedi nobody has been really punished under this law ….

There are more equally ambiguous laws regarding improper depiction of women etc. Definitely human anatomy is not at all ambiguous … … Well at least in most cases!

Any lawyer reading this?

The little woman

The little woman for whom I wrote this guide nearly 5 years ago got married day before yesterday on 15th May. God bless her. Though she has done several things which did not please me (getting married is not one of them 😉 she really did follow a lot of what I wrote for her and to a very good effect.

5 years ago she had resigned herself to be a housewife to some fat “Lala” boy chosen by her parents – today she is married to a “Nair” of her choice, is passionate about her career and is earning a decent salary of 25K at Chennai. Not to mention living alone in a totally alien city and culture. The credit goes 100% to her, and as it goes to all the little women (and some men) who write to me once in a while discussing what I have written.

An oft asked question is – would I like to change anything? the simple answer is “NO!” the second most often asked question is “Would I like to add anything?”

Yes – one last one – “Just because your lie was accepted does not mean that it was not caught”

Now that she is married I am wondering should I write “A bridegroom’s brief guide to Marriage”?

No! she wont be needing a guide for herself 🙂

Yesterday was a scary day – but things are not as bad as it looked to begin with.

Today is our 8th marriage anniversary, sometimes it still amazes me that we have lasted so long given our headstrong and highly independent nature but then it mostly concludes to who else? or why not?

Well, it almost didn’t happen 🙂

8 years ago exactly about the same time I had told my shocked father 5 min more and if they don’t turn up we go back home.

We had been standing in front of the marriage registars office since 10:45, Swati with her father and not more than 2 other people was to meet us at 11:00 , She knew that I don’t like people who are late. So while she was pacing her veranda ready to leave, her folks in typical UP style, hmm’ed and haw’ed and ooh’ed and aah’ed over getting ready and blah.

They did turn up in less than 5 min but there were 15 people, Dad had to convince me that it is really OK and almost begged me to please put up with the extra folks… 🙂

Swati was utterly frustrated and at her wits end. The registar thankfully was efficient, perhaps he wanted to rush somewhere, and in less than 3 min we were married.

More about it, perhaps, later in the day.

Today is also Dad’s 2nd death anniversary…

Something is wrong with my marriage

She refused jewelry – the real yellow stuff