is one girl I would like to see *how* she grows older… … Right now she seems to have all her fundas just perfect!! Reading parts of her journal reminded me of Swati when she was 18, gawd!! I can’t believe I am twice that old now… … if you are reading this then I […]

Just a link

to a nice story …. for all you star trek fans out there – link provided by , he advised reader discretion so I will pass it on … … I guess, this is as hot as it should get … … Notably several formats are available for downloading the earlier episodes including PDB.

I want a Robot

Nope – Not what you are thinking – I want a real Robot. I stumbled upon a series of links while browsing for interesting trivia. and really captivated me. I know all about Lego MindStorm and some day I will have the complete lot BUT somehow the simplicity design combined with the genius […]

Indecent Exposure

As an offshoot of a completely frivolous thread here starring and – yeah it reminded me of good guy, bad guy, damsel in distress – I started research on available resources about “Indian Penal Code” on the net. To be more specific, interpretation of IPC sections relating to Indecent Exposure, Nudity and Obscenity. I was […]

Yesterday was a scary day – but things are not as bad as it looked to begin with. Today is our 8th marriage anniversary, sometimes it still amazes me that we have lasted so long given our headstrong and highly independent nature but then it mostly concludes to who else? or why not? Well, it […]