I should have never quit ….

Arrrrghhh!!! Can’t even write about it ….

BUT as a matter of principle we never till date have turned down a client

Conducted a placement seminar at Aptech – have selected 3 more for the 3 weeks course – that makes it 6, I expect to get atleast 2 good quality programmers, but it will be atleast 8 weeks before they can be trusted with a commercial project

I should have never quit my Govt job where else you get paid for sleeping 3 days a week and the pay is not that bad either, not to mention the perks you get being a Forensic Expert, can you believe once we actually went in a Pol**e Jeep to watch a striptease!!!

Did not even have to pay for the show, booze or food and no fear of being busted.

Who would want

Yikees!! An HTML embedded WYSIWYG editor to edit HTML forms – now who would want to use that?

BUT believe me we are making such thing for a client of ours

Sigh! client is the King

Nice Sunday Morning

It is a nice Sunday morning, I am sitting with the windows of the room open and the cool breeze is wafting the sweet smell of Mogra flowers in… …

Needless to say everyone else is asleep!

Yesterday evening I took a placement seminar for NIIT students, a lot of PHP advocacy but the general lot there is pathetic. Aptech has been sending better candidates, but just better, I need somebody good!!

Yesterday was also Aasim’s result day – they dont have formal exams till he is in 1st standard and best, they are not given homework. They just evaluate the child’s progress… things have been good for Aasim. He was thrilled to be back at school, apparently teachers are a lot more tolerant of his bullying than we are 😉

Aasim rolling

We enrolled Aasim for a Roller Skating camp. Lately we have observed a disturbing trend – he just does not want to try OR be persistant. He either has to do it well in the first go or not do it at all. There are several things that he does very well and he gets a lot of praise for it, may be this led to the current behaviour – trying to get only positive strokes.

Anyway he was OK at it for the first day, could walk around, fell a few times but not hard thanks to all the protective gear.

We feel he is enthralled enough by the speed to give it a try, besides he saw that there were several 4 to 5 year olds with various degrees of expertise.

Let’s see how it goes … …

I am Back on the front …

I survived nearly a week minus the net without any perceptable withdrawal symptoms. No anxiety or panic attacks, no feeling lost or depressed. I just relaxed and enjoyed my time with myself. Vizag is 10 degrees cooler than Nagpur so despite everyone complaining of heat we did not feel any discomfort.

I spent quite some time reading finished a couple of Perry Mason, The Ringworld triology (less said about it the better) and *Underground* recommended to me by Kishore and a must read if you have not already done so – download your fav format from http://www.underground-book.com

Rest of the time was spent on the beach, some “feel-good” shopping for trinkets, playing with Aasim when ever he had time for his parents or just sitting and talking trivia with Swati.

The office in Nagpur was well managed by the guys and there were no nasty surprises for us when we returned.

BUT in the end nothing is better than Home *Sweet* Home and the feel of your own bed on your back !!

Rush Rush

Now who sang that song?

Anyway *Rush* is how the day has been, got to complete N things before we leave for our mini vacation OR as Swati calls it a very long weekend to Vizag to my brother who is in the Navy. Ah! the swimming pool …

BUT I read that Vizag is just as hot or worse – BUT – Swati has prescribed a break for all of us so we better take it.

SOAP duds!

Finally a project which really warrants use of SOAP, hmm… not really XML-RPC would have worked but SOAP-RPC has got better future scalability. I was pleased that I was able to set up a service which returned a custom made image – The downside is that the whole thing is returned base64 encoded instead of a pure image stream but what the heck bandwidth and computing power is cheap and anyone intending to run a service which can be consumed by ASP/JSP/PERL uniformly better have lots of bandwidth and computing power.

To jumpstart my team with SOAP I started to write an idiot’s guide of sorts but then I stumbled on this URL http://www.soapware.org/bdg it is a wee bit dated but just the thing which will get you going.

It goes without saying that my SOAP server and client both are written in … … YES! PHP!!

Still Life

Still life

Spent most of the afternoon photographing small crystal objects – complete with lights, backdrop, tripod – all on the dining table 🙂

I had expected that this cube with the crescent embedded would be the hardest to do but it photographed very easily.

What proved very difficult was this perfume bottle, These images of course don’t do real justice to the Hi Res images BUT then those are > 1.5Mb

I guess all that the Bangalore junta is going to write about for the next couple of days in the RW show …. ….

less said the better

Me and my Son!

Here is an interesting pic of me and my son (L to R) both aged 9 months. It is not very difficult to understand that he is growing up a lot like me! Besides he is a lot like his mother and lot a lot like himself. He is just about 4.5 years and already a Star Wars fan, words like Tantuan, Wampa, Degobah, Tatooine are sprinkled in his playing vocabulary. Just as are the words Kentosaurus, Stegosaurus and some more dino words which even I dont remember.

His summer holidays start from tommorow – Phew! the year passed without him embrassing his teacher about the details of human reproduction. He knows that storks dont bring babies and promptly redicules anyone who suggests it.

The other day he stunned his mother saying “he can’t come he is busy with an experiment!”

Aasim = Blessing/Silver/Man of rank