I am Back on the front …

I survived nearly a week minus the net without any perceptable withdrawal symptoms. No anxiety or panic attacks, no feeling lost or depressed. I just relaxed and enjoyed my time with myself. Vizag is 10 degrees cooler than Nagpur so despite everyone complaining of heat we did not feel any discomfort. I spent quite some […]

SOAP duds!

Finally a project which really warrants use of SOAP, hmm… not really XML-RPC would have worked but SOAP-RPC has got better future scalability. I was pleased that I was able to set up a service which returned a custom made image – The downside is that the whole thing is returned base64 encoded instead of […]

Still Life

Spent most of the afternoon photographing small crystal objects – complete with lights, backdrop, tripod – all on the dining table I had expected that this cube with the crescent embedded would be the hardest to do but it photographed very easily. What proved very difficult was this perfume bottle, These images of course don’t […]