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Advice : “Never let an employee think that he is indespensible”
Fact: “No one is indespensible”

That said – it is still early in the day – looks like will be one of those burning midnight oil, grinding fingertips to knuckles on the keyboard kind of a day.

Had taken Swati to “Dr Shailesh Pitale”, My school and college buddy – now an endocrinologist, returned recently after a long training and job stint in USA and UK. Looks like Swati may finally have diabetes, well not so bad a news we expected this since Aasim was born and we know it can be held in control for atleast next 10-15 years by lifestyle modification (read no medicines needed)

Talked for almost an hour with Shailesh and his wife Uma (also a doctor) – basically bitched about Nagpur people “Aapana Nagpur aaisach hai!!”

Yeah! men also bitch πŸ˜‰

  • Lakshmi Vineeth


    I was looking for online reviews of Dr Shailesh Pitale and landed here. Interesting blog you have here. Something that goes in tandem with “Aapana Nagpur aaisach hai!!” is that few people will post their experiences online.. What do you think?
    I am looking forward to consult Dr. Shailesh for thyroid issues. If you don’t mind, can you please share your experience with the doctor. I did read some good reviews online. But you know, the apprehension of making the right choice continues until you meet the doc. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks in advance,

    • tariquesani


      Perhaps you did not notice that the post you commented on was written more than a decade ago. Shailesh still is a very good friend and my Wife’s Endocrinologist πŸ™‚


      • Lakshmi Vineeth


        Thank you so much for replying. Actually I did observe the date, but the desperation to meet a good doctor during my short visit and having scarce resources online made me come up with the oddly timed comment. Hope it wasn’t too freaky. πŸ™‚

        Continuing with the doctor over a decade are all good signs, isn’t it?
        Feeling closer to a decision here. Thank you again!

  • tariquesani

    Continuing with the same doctor for more than a decade is indeed a very positive review πŸ™‚