Sunday musings

Sunday found me with two bored and hence irritable people A Sunday which I had planned spending curled up with my Palm reading with the coolers on full blast – thankfully the hot and very dry climate of Nagpur means that we can use desert coolers and the temperature drop is sufficient to make you […]

Moving on …

Phew!! a very hot and tiring day, We recently got the Office painted – was sick of waiting for the owner to deciede – shifted the furniture around a bit. The office now as a different look Kit & Kat whom we re-introduced in the wild returned home as expected towards evening complaining loudly that […]


Paradoxically I am writing this using something which most usability gurus consider utterly unusable the Palm. But consider this – I am doing this lying comfortably on my bed without anything to weigh me down – I call it very very usable Any been reading a lot on , more than usability I find […]

Learning to RELAX!!!

Looks like I am finally learning to relax – today is the third consequetive day in the week that I intend to have a siesta Currently enjoying a “in between projects” interlude – the madness will begin from Monday again. Earlier I use to start biting my nails or other people’s head when such things […]


A hot tiring day – already feel like dropping off to sleep. BUT I have to complete Bob’s work before that… as entered in her journal “What is this life so full of care” – to fall asleep I do not dare!! apologies to W.H. Davis Rajesh was here for lunch – talked with him […]

There Ain’t No Justice

Husbands of the world unite!! I invite Swati to LJ and it has not even been a day and she gets paid membership for herself $25 only She even hijacks my LJ client …. I have been asking her to spare that $25 for me since exactly a week and I am still waiting … […]

PHP, Flame Wars and Me

With the philosophasters of LI blasting PHP with their corybantic mails several (three to be precise) people asked my why I did not defend PHP. Well just for the same reasons that I dont defend my religion. Besides, why me? Who am I? I am a good PHP coder, fine! BUT that is it, that […]